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(ns clojure-http.resourcefully
"A wrapper around client.clj that's designed for accessing RESTful
APIs pleasantly.
Since resourcefully defines a get function, you'll need to :use it
:as resourcefully rather than in an unqualified way.
(ns your-ns
(:use [clojure.http.resourcefully :as resourcefully]))
(resourcefully/get \"\")
(resourcefully/post \"\" {}
{\"Email\" \"\" \"Passwd\" \"conj\"})
(resourcefully/get \"\"))"
(:use [clojure.contrib.str-utils :only [str-join]])
(:use [clojure-http.client :as client])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [get]))
(def *cookies* nil)
(defn- save-cookies [response]
(when (and *cookies* (:cookies response))
(dosync (alter *cookies* merge (:cookies response))))
(defn- error? [response]
(>= (:code response) 400))
(defn- error-message [response]
(str "Problem with " (:url response) ": "
(:code response) " "
(:msg response) "\n"
(str-join "\n" (:body-seq response))))
(defmacro define-method
`(defn ~method
~(str "Perform HTTP " method " request to url u with specified headers
map. Cookies will be saved if inside with-cookies block.")
[u# & [headers# body#]]
(let [response# (save-cookies (client/request u# ~(str method)
headers# (if *cookies*
(if (error? response#)
(throw ( (error-message response#)))
(define-method get)
(define-method put)
(define-method post)
(define-method delete)
(define-method head)
(defmacro with-cookies
"Perform body with *cookies* bound to cookie-map (should be a map;
empty if you don't want any initial cookies). Responses that set cookies
will have them saved in the *cookies* ref."
[cookie-map & body]
`(binding [*cookies* (ref (or ~cookie-map {}))]
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