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Browsable dependency graph of Clojure projects. See it live here:


  • I intentionally built this with the false-but-useful assumption that projects are uniquely identified by their artifact ID, to make the interface simple and understandable. You can still find group IDs for projects with overlapping artifact IDs.
  • Usage counts include current and historical dependencies.
  • Dev-dependencies are included (might provide a way to filter them out)
  • There may be project data missing here and there due to shortcuts taken when parsing project.clj and pom.xml files.
  • Updating the list of projects is a manual process (see preprocess.clj). I will probably turn it into a cron job when I get a chance.
  • Only projects from GitHub and Clojars are included. Other sources may be added at some point.


  • clojure version for best/latest project version
  • add rel=prev/next
  • experiment with long-running threads on heroku
  • store latest version at top-level
  • separate/distinguish dev dependencies
    • different color or icon?
    • toggle to filter out entirely?
  • handle ajax 404
  • breadcrumb nav?
  • "activity" field, to indicate how active a github project is
    • N commits in last month?
  • pull in names of github watchers
    • count of all distinct watchers/owners
  • dependents sort: most-used, last updated, alphabetical
  • sort dependencies by most-used
  • show a project's transitive dependencies
    • as a tree/graph? arborjs?
  • in project-version-detail, show only most-current version for a group/artifact combo?
  • see about getting timely sql dumps from clojars
    • created/updated timestamps
  • automate data fetching & preprocessing
    • incremental github updates based on push date
  • proper project.clj and pom.xml parsing
  • look for project.clj in sub-dirs (e.g., ring)
  • put controller fns between routes & layout fns?
  • show github/clojars links for specific project versions
  • toggle to exclude historical versions from counts?
  • marker/filter for java projects?
  • user-defined tags
  • styling
    • ajax loading indicator
    • use clearfix
    • bigger click target for page heading


Copyright (C) 2011 Justin Kramer

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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