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Concise web framework for Clojure
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Compojure is an open source web framework for the Clojure programming language. It emphasizes a thin I/O layer and a functional approach to web development.

Compojure is still in active development. The current stable branch has been released as version 0.2.

Sample Code

Here's a small web application written in Compojure:

(use 'compojure)

(defroutes my-app
  (GET "/"
    (html [:h1 "Hello World"]))
  (ANY "*"

(run-server {:port 8080}
  "/*" (servlet my-app))


To run Compojure, you'll need:

These dependencies can be downloaded automatically using:

ant deps


For information on how to get started and use Compojure, please see our Wiki.

There is also a rough draft of a Compojure Tutorial available to read.


The Compojure Group is the best place to ask questions about Compojure, suggest improvements or to report bugs.


Eric Lavigne has written a series of excellent tutorials on Compojure:

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