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To build:

1. Download and install leiningen http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen
2. $ lein deps
3. $ lein install

core libs for s3, ec2, ssh.

build upon the core is remote repl and cluster capabilities.

in a couple cases, we use an erlang convention of the ! syntax representing "reomote" (on another process) execution.
the first argument to ! in erlang is the pid, wheras in our api, it is an open ssh session or socket.
there is no ! operator or fn, we just use the ! suffix convention to communicate remote execution.

remote shell execution.
(sh! session "tar -xzf repl.tar.gz")

remote repl evaluation.
(eval! socket (execute (workflow some-cascading-workflow)))

TODO: add examples for usages.

the persistent shell session using jsch ChannelShell is shaky at best, although exec works fine.
eval! may be simpler if we could use LineNumberingPushbackReader see comment in remote_repl.clj
stuff to poll and pull info from hadoop tracker url into repl