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Add handler-case macro ported from c.c.Condition.

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commit af0db393937190370b4ca01373e13ebea98c814f 1 parent 1406767
@technomancy authored
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  1. +44 −0 src/dce/handle.clj
44 src/dce/handle.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+(ns dce.handle)
+(defn- separate [f s] ; lifted from c.c.seq
+ [(filter f s) (filter (complement f) s)])
+(defn starts-with-fn [x]
+ (fn [c] (and (coll? c) (= x (first c)))))
+(def ^{:doc "While a handler is running, bound to the selector returned by the
+ handler-case dispatch-fn for *condition*"} *selector*)
+(defmacro handler-case
+ "Executes body in a context where raised exceptions can be handled.
+ dispatch-fn accepts a raised data-carrying Exception and returns a selector
+ used to choose a handler. Commonly, dispatch-fn will be :type to dispatch
+ on the condition's :type value.
+ Handlers are forms within body:
+ (handle key
+ ...)
+ If a data-carrying Exception is raised, executes the body of the
+ first handler whose key satisfies (isa? selector key). If no
+ handlers match, re-raises the condition.
+ While a handler is running, *condition* is bound to the condition being
+ handled and *selector* is bound to to the value returned by dispatch-fn
+ that matched the handler's key."
+ [dispatch-fn & body]
+ (let [[handlers code] (separate (starts-with-fn 'handle) body)
+ [catches code] (separate (starts-with-fn 'catch) code)]
+ `(try
+ ~@code
+ (catch dce.Exception e#
+ (binding [*selector* (~dispatch-fn e#)]
+ (cond
+ ~@(mapcat
+ (fn [[_ key & body]]
+ `[(isa? *selector* ~key) (do ~@body)])
+ handlers)
+ :else (raise))))
+ ~@catches)))
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