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(ns die.roboter
"The Robots get your work done in an straightforward way."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [future send-off])
(:require [com.mefesto.wabbitmq :as wabbit]
[ :as log]
[ :as io]
[clojure.walk :as walk])
(:import (java.util UUID)
(java.util.concurrent Executors TimeUnit TimeoutException)
( ManagementFactory)
( FilterInputStream)))
(def ^{:doc "Namespace in which robots work." :private true} context
(binding [*ns* (create-ns 'die.roboter.context)] (refer-clojure) *ns*))
(def ^{:doc "Message being evaled by worker." :dynamic true} *current-message*)
(defn ^{:dynamic true} *exception-handler*
"Default exception handler simply logs. Rebind to perform your own recovery."
[e msg]
(log/warn e "Robot ran into trouble:" (String. (:body msg))))
(def ^{:doc "How long before jobs that don't report progress are killed, in ms."
:dynamic true} *timeout*
(* 1000 60 5)) ; five minutes
(defn ^{:dynamic true :doc "Reset job timeout."} report-progress [])
(defn ^{:internal true :doc "Public for macro-expansion only!"} init [config]
(try (wabbit/exchange-declare (:exchange config "die.roboter")
(:exchange-type config "direct")
(:exchange-durable config true)
(:exchange-auto-delete config false))
(wabbit/queue-declare (:queue config "")
(:durable config true)
(:exclusive config false))
(wabbit/queue-bind (:queue config "")
(:exchange config "die.roboter")
(:queue config ""))
(catch Exception e
(log/error e "Couldn't declare exchange/queue."))))
(alter-var-root #'init memoize)
(def ^{:dynamic true} *config* nil)
(defmacro with-robots [config & body]
;; :implicit should only start a new connection if there's none active.
`(if (or (and *config* (:implicit ~config))
(= *config* ~config)) ; avoid redundant nesting
(do ~@body)
(binding [*config* ~config]
(wabbit/with-broker ~config
(wabbit/with-channel ~config
(init ~config)
(wabbit/with-exchange (:exchange ~config)
(defn send-off
"Execute a form on a robot node."
([form] (send-off form {}))
([form config]
(with-robots (merge {:implicit true} config)
(log/trace "Published" (pr-str form) (:key config ""))
(wabbit/publish (:key config "")
(.getBytes (pr-str form))))))
(defn broadcast
"Like send-off, but the form runs on all robot nodes."
([form] (broadcast form {}))
([form config]
(send-off form (merge {:exchange "die.roboter.broadcast"
:exchange-type "fanout"
:key "die.roboter.broadcast"} config))))
(defmacro future
"Run body on a robot node and return a result upon deref."
[& body]
`(let [reply-queue# (format "die.roboter.reply.%s" (UUID/randomUUID))]
(with-robots (merge {:implict true} *config*)
(wabbit/queue-declare reply-queue# false true true)
(send-off (list `wabbit/publish reply-queue#
'(.getBytes (pr-str (do ~@body)))))
(wabbit/with-queue reply-queue#
(-> (wabbit/consuming-seq true) first :body String. read-string))))))
(defn- success? [f timeout]
(try (.get f timeout TimeUnit/MILLISECONDS) true
;; TODO: get stack trace if there's an exception inside the future
(catch TimeoutException _)))
(defn- supervise [f progress timeout]
(when-not (success? f timeout)
(if @progress
(do (reset! progress false)
(recur f progress timeout))
(future-cancel f))))
(defn- run-with-timeout [timeout f & args]
(let [progress (atom false)
f-fn (bound-fn [] (apply f args))
fut (clojure.core/future ; TODO: name thread
(binding [report-progress (fn [] (reset! progress true))]
(-> #(supervise fut progress timeout) (Thread.) .start)
(defn- consume [{:keys [body envelope] :as msg} timeout]
(binding [*ns* context,*current-message* msg]
(log/trace "Robot received message:" (String. body))
(run-with-timeout timeout eval (read-string (String. body))))
(wabbit/ack (:delivery-tag envelope)))
(defn work
"Wait for work and eval it continually."
(with-robots config
(wabbit/with-queue (:queue config "")
(log/trace "Consuming on" (:queue config ""))
(doseq [msg (wabbit/consuming-seq)]
(try (consume msg (:timeout config *timeout*))
(catch Exception e
(*exception-handler* e msg)))))))
([] (work {:implicit true})))
(defn work-on-broadcast
"Wait for work on the broadcast queue and eval it continually."
(work (merge {:exchange "die.roboter.broadcast", :exchange-type "fanout"
:exclusive true
:queue (str "die.roboter.broadcast." (UUID/randomUUID))}
([] (work-on-broadcast {:implicit true})))
(defn- progressive-input [input]
;; TODO: this fails without the erronous hint
(let [ins (io/input-stream ^ input)]
(proxy [FilterInputStream] [ins]
(read [bytes]
(.read ins bytes))
(close []
(.close ins)
(proxy-super close)))))
(defn copy
"Copy between input and output using, but reporting
progress every so often. Use to prevent long IO operations from timing out."
[input output & opts]
(apply io/copy (progressive-input input) output opts))
(def workers (atom ()))
(defn add-worker
"Spin up a worker with the given options."
(swap! workers conj (clojure.core/future (work opts))))
(defn stop-worker
"Cancel the most recently-created worker."
(swap! workers (fn [[worker & others]]
(future-cancel worker)
(defn -main [& {:as opts}]
(let [opts (into {:workers (Integer. (or (System/getenv "WORKER_COUNT") 4))}
(walk/keywordize-keys opts))]
(dotimes [n (opts :workers)] (add-worker opts))))
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