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;;; durendal.el --- A bucket of tricks for Clojure and Slime.
;; Copyright (C) 2010 Phil Hagelberg
;; Author: Phil Hagelberg
;; URL:
;; Version: 0.2
;; Keywords: lisp clojure slime
;; Created: 2010-08-13
;; Package-Requires: ((clojure-mode "1.7") (slime "20100404") (paredit "22"))
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.
;;; Commentary:
;; "Count Roland smites upon the marble stone;
;; I cannot tell you how he hewed it and smote;
;; Yet the blade breaks not nor splinters, though it groans;
;; Upward to heaven it rebounds from the blow."
;; –From The Song of Roland
;; (Translated by Dorothy Sayers, Viking Penguin, NY, NY, 1957)
;; Durendal is a bucket of tricks for Clojure that are too
;; implementation-specific to go in Slime proper but too fancy to go
;; in clojure-mode itself.
;;; Features:
;; * durendal-hide-successful-compile: Hide compilation buffer upon success.
;; * durendal-jack-in: Initiate a lein-swank + slime-connect.
;; * durendal-enable-auto-compile: Compile on save.
;; * durendal-slime-repl-paredit: Turn on paredit in the slime repl.
;; * durendal-enable-slime-repl-font-lock: Use clojure-mode's
;; font-lock settings in SLIME REPL (with tweaks
;; for prompts and printouts); turn off with
;; durendal-disable-slime-repl-font-lock.
;; Call durendal-enable to turn on all Durendal features. To enable
;; features one at a time, simply use the corresponding add-hook call:
;; (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'durendal-enable-auto-compile)
;; (add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'durendal-slime-repl-paredit)
;; (add-hook 'sldb-mode-hook 'durendal-dim-sldb-font-lock)
;; (add-hook 'slime-compilation-finished-hook 'durendal-hide-successful-compile)
;;; TODO:
;; * ns-unmap binding
;; * bury *SLIME Compilation* buffer on successful compile
;; * package and require paredit 22
;;; License:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
;; as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3
;; of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
;;; Code:
(require 'slime)
(require 'slime-repl)
(require 'clojure-mode)
(defvar durendal-auto-compile? t
"Automatically compile on save when applicable.")
;; launcher
(defun durendal-jack-in (&optional port-prompt)
(interactive "P")
(lexical-let ((root (locate-dominating-file default-directory "project.clj"))
(port (if port-prompt
(string-to-number (read-string "Port: " nil nil slime-port))
(+ 1024 (* (random 64512))))))
(message "Launching lein swank on %s..." port)
(when (not root)
(error "Not in a Leiningen project."))
(shell-command (format "cd %s && lein swank %s &" root port)
(message "Launching lein swank on %s..." port)
(set-process-filter (get-buffer-process "*lein-swank*")
(lambda (process output)
(when (string-match "Connection opened on" output)
(slime-connect "localhost" port)
(with-current-buffer (slime-output-buffer t)
(setq default-directory root))
(set-process-filter process nil))))
(message "Starting swank server...")))
;; debugger
(defun durendal-dim-sldb-font-lock ()
"Dim irrelevant lines in Clojure debugger buffers."
(if (string-match "clojure" (buffer-name))
nil `((,(concat " [0-9]+: " (regexp-opt '("clojure.core"
"swank." "java."))
;; TODO: regexes ending in .* are ignored by
;; font-lock; what gives?
. font-lock-comment-face)) t)))
;; belongs in slime?
(put 'slime-lisp-host 'safe-local-variable 'stringp)
(put 'slime-port 'safe-local-variable 'integerp)
;; auto-compile
(defun durendal-in-current-project? (file)
(let ((root (expand-file-name
(read (cadr (slime-eval
"(System/getProperty \"user.dir\")")))))))
(string= (substring file 0 (length root)) root)))
(defun durendal-auto-compile ()
(when (and slime-mode durendal-auto-compile?
(slime-connected-p) (slime-current-package)
(durendal-in-current-project? buffer-file-name))
(defun durendal-enable-auto-compile ()
(make-local-variable 'after-save-hook)
(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'durendal-auto-compile))
;; compile-buffer suppression
(defun durendal-hide-successful-compile (msg)
(with-struct (slime-compilation-result. notes duration successp)
(when successp
(kill-buffer "*SLIME Compilation*"))))
;; repl
(defun durendal-slime-repl-paredit ()
(require 'paredit)
(define-key slime-repl-mode-map
(kbd "DEL") 'paredit-backward-delete)
(define-key slime-repl-mode-map
(kbd "{") 'paredit-open-curly)
(define-key slime-repl-mode-map
(kbd "}") 'paredit-close-curly)
(modify-syntax-entry ?\{ "(}")
(modify-syntax-entry ?\} "){")
(modify-syntax-entry ?\[ "(]")
(modify-syntax-entry ?\] ")[")
(modify-syntax-entry ?~ "' ")
(modify-syntax-entry ?, " ")
(modify-syntax-entry ?^ "'")
(modify-syntax-entry ?= "'")
(paredit-mode t))
(defadvice slime-repl-emit (after durendal-slime-repl-emit-ad)
(with-current-buffer (slime-output-buffer)
(add-text-properties slime-output-start slime-output-end
'(font-lock-face slime-repl-output-face
rear-nonsticky (font-lock-face)))))
(defadvice slime-repl-insert-prompt (after durendal-slime-repl-prompt-ad)
(with-current-buffer (slime-output-buffer)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(add-text-properties slime-repl-prompt-start-mark (point-max)
'(font-lock-face slime-repl-prompt-face
(defun durendal-enable-slime-repl-font-lock ()
(add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'clojure-mode-font-lock-setup)
(ad-activate #'slime-repl-emit)
(ad-activate #'slime-repl-insert-prompt))
(defun durendal-disable-slime-repl-font-lock ()
(remove-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'clojure-mode-font-lock-setup)
(ad-deactivate #'slime-repl-emit)
(ad-deactivate #'slime-repl-insert-prompt))
;; entry point:
(defun durendal-enable (&optional preserve-proto-version-check-p)
"Enable hooks for all durendal functionality."
(when (not preserve-proto-version-check-p)
(setq slime-protocol-version 'ignore))
(add-hook 'slime-connected-hook
(lambda ()
(if (equal (slime-lisp-implementation-name) "clojure")
(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'durendal-enable-auto-compile)
(add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'durendal-slime-repl-paredit)
(add-hook 'sldb-mode-hook 'durendal-dim-sldb-font-lock)
(remove-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'durendal-enable-auto-compile)
(remove-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'durendal-slime-repl-paredit)
(remove-hook 'sldb-mode-hook 'durendal-dim-sldb-font-lock)
(provide 'durendal)
;;; durendal.el ends here