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Make regen-autoloads backwards-compatible with 22.

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commit 6ebc4e86ebf004471b829801c8a08ae441cad313 1 parent 2304bab
@technomancy authored
Showing with 2 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −3 starter-kit-defuns.el
5 starter-kit-defuns.el
@@ -109,11 +109,10 @@
(defun regen-autoloads (&optional force-regen)
"Regenerate the autoload definitions file if necessary and load it."
- (interactive "p")
- (setq reg force-regen)
+ (interactive "P")
(let ((autoload-dir (concat dotfiles-dir "/elpa-to-submit"))
(generated-autoload-file autoload-file))
- (when (or (> force-regen 1) ;; prefix arg used
+ (when (or force-regen
(not (file-exists-p autoload-file))
(some (lambda (f) (file-newer-than-file-p f autoload-file))
(directory-files autoload-dir t "\\.el$")))
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