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Sanity check for scp. Disabled for now.

Need to figure out a way to get shell-command output to show in the
shell rather than just echoing return value.
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commit 70daaf6213b7bfcd62e241e1e108f94c6ad7da8b 1 parent 4292b49
@technomancy authored
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  1. +7 −0 starter-kit-eshell.el
7 starter-kit-eshell.el
@@ -35,6 +35,13 @@
(defun eshell/find (dir &rest opts)
(find-dired dir (mapconcat 'identity opts " ")))
+;; (defun eshell/scp (&rest args)
+;; "scp: now without colon-omitting annoyance!"
+;; (when (null (remove-if-not (lambda (arg) (string-match ":" arg))
+;; args))
+;; (error "Surely you meant to add a colon in there somewhere?"))
+;; (shell-command (mapconcat 'identity (cons "scp" args) " ")))
;; Port features from
;; * cloning git repos, github repos

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