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We can't rely on network-interfaces-list; it's not defined on w32.

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1 parent 0a1719d commit c54067d6c13388684d4a35c0163d59662e83175d @technomancy committed Dec 27, 2008
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@@ -43,10 +43,16 @@
(package-install package))))
(defun esk-online? ()
- (some (lambda (iface) (unless (equal "lo" (car iface))
- (member 'up (first (last (network-interface-info
- (car iface)))))))
- (network-interface-list)))
+ "See if we're online.
+Windows does not have the network-interface-list function, so we
+just have to assume it's online."
+ (if (functionp 'network-interface-list)
+ (some (lambda (iface) (unless (equal "lo" (car iface))
+ (member 'up (first (last (network-interface-info
+ (car iface)))))))
+ (network-interface-list))
+ t))
;; On your first run, this should pull in all the base packages.
(when (esk-online?) (starter-kit-elpa-install))

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