progn: Symbol's value as variable is void: eshell-output-filter-functions (on emacs-snapshot) #146

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Have not nutted the actual problem down yet, but I noticed after updating emacs-snapshot package on my Debian box that M-x eshell fails with this message:

progn: Symbol's value as variable is void: eshell-output-filter-functions

If I uninstall the starter-kit-eshell package and restart emacs, it all works fine (but without the tweaks, of course). It also works fine on emacs24 stable.

I noticed on the Savanna log that they are jiggering around with eshell's library layout or something, which could be causing a clash with this module, somehow. Sorry my elisp is very rudimentary still or I'd try and debug for you. Happy to help though.

Version details are:
emacs-snapshot 2:20120728-1+squeeze (from Julien Danjou's repository stable/ Packages )
starter-kit-eshell 20120316 (from

zzj commented Aug 24, 2012

I have the exactly the same issue.

auser commented Sep 13, 2012

Me too...

@technomancy technomancy added a commit that closed this issue Oct 2, 2012
@technomancy Remove eshell ansi workaround. Fixes #146.
This was only necessary to work around broken behaviour in 23.
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