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js-mode doesn't play well with starter-kit-js v2.0 #61

zane opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Invoking js-mode when starter-kit-js 2.0 has been installed out of ELPA produces the following error: run-hooks: Symbol's function definition is void: run-coding-hook

What's more, with js-mode enabled attempting to type function() { into an empty buffer will yield the error: Point 12 after end of properties, which blocks the insertion of {.


Looks like the second half of this bug is a duplicate of #60.


I think the problem (first half) is that Marmalade still has only version 2.0 of this package.
Same thing with starter-kit-ruby.


The problem is that there was no mention that (require 'starter-kit-defuns) is required for starter-kit-[lisp | ruby | js] etc to work.


@ldeck starter-kit-defuns is already required from starter-kit.el.


I found this error just arised on my mac-os aquamacs,but gnuemacs runs well
my aquamacs version is also 24

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