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Quick access to project files in Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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find-file-in-project (v3.5)

Find files in a project quickly.

This program provides a couple methods for quickly finding any file in a given project. It depends on GNU find.

By default, it will automatically search file in project managed by Git. But you can easily switch to other types of projects.


  • The only dependency is GNU find
  • Works on Windows/Cygwin/Linux/Mac
  • Furthing tweaking of GNU find through flag `ffip-find-options` is possible


Please install through melpa


It works out of the box for project using Git.

If you use other VCS (subversion, for example), insert below line into ~/.emacs:

(setq ffip-project-file ".svn")


  • `M-x find-file-in-project` starts search immediately
  • `M-x find-file-in-project-by-selected` use the selected region as keyword to search. If no region selected, you need input the keyword


Search files modified in recent 5 days

`C-u 5 M-x find-file-in-project` `C-u 5 M-x find-file-in-project-by-selected`


  • “ffip-get-project-root-directory” return the full path of current project

Per project setup

;; if the full path of current file is under SUBPROJECT1 or SUBPROJECT2
;; OR if I'm reading my personal issue track document,
(when (ffip-current-full-filename-match-pattern-p "\\(/SUBPROJECT1\\|/SUBPROJECT2\\|\\)")
  ;; set the root directory into "~/projs/PROJECT_DIR"
  (setq-local ffip-project-root ("~/projs/PROJECT_DIR"))
  ;; well, I'm not interested in concatenated BIG js file or file in dist/
  (setq-local ffip-find-options "-not -size +64k -not -iwholename '*/dist/*'")
  ;; do NOT search files in below directories
  (setq-local ffip-prune-patterns '(".git" ".hg" "*.svn" "node_modules" "bower_components")))
  ;; for this project, I'm only interested certain types of files
  (setq-local ffip-patterns '("*.html" "*.js" "*.css" "*.java" "*.xml" "*.js")))

Specify root directory on Cygwin&Windows

(if (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
    (setq ffip-project-root "C:/Users/myname/projs/myproj1")
  (setq ffip-project-root "~/projs/myprojs1"))


This program is tested with 50,000+ files (Linux Kernel, for example) without any performance issue.

But it could be more responsive if you follow EITHER of following suggetions:

Suggestion 1, Install Swiper and insert below code into your ~/.emacs:

(autoload 'ivy-read "ivy")

Then Swiper’s UI ivy will be used. That’s all you need to do.

Suggestion 2, If you don’t like Swiper, the default Ido will be used. It might be slow for 50K files. The issue could be easily resolved by installing flx-ido. Flx-ido also replaces Ido’s default matching algorithm with a much better one. So it’s highly recommended to use it.

Bug Report


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