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File Sorting #10

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Files are being thrown in the random (from the user's standpoint) order that find spits them out. Files should be shown in the oerder switch-buffer has the corresponding buffers and the files that are not open should follow in mtime order.
For the future mtime order should be taken care of by the shell command itself so that ffip-limit actually shows the most recent files, not random ones.


this could be huge performance impact, since we don't limit the number of files now.

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Showing with 73 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +73 −10 find-file-in-project.el
83 find-file-in-project.el
@@ -62,6 +62,9 @@
(require 'cl)
+(defvar ffip-filesystem-remote-server nil
+ "On mounted filesystems you can run `find' via ssh.")
(defvar ffip-project-file ".git"
"The file that should be used to define a project root.
@@ -69,7 +72,7 @@ May be set using .dir-locals.el. Checks each entry if set to a list.")
(defvar ffip-patterns
'("*.html" "*.org" "*.txt" "*.md" "*.el" "*.clj" "*.py" "*.rb" "*.js" "*.pl"
- "*.sh" "*.erl" "*.hs" "*.ml")
+ "*.sh" "*.erl" "*.hs" "*.ml" "*.c" "*.h" ".cpp" "*.hpp" "*.cc")
"List of patterns to look for with `find-file-in-project'.")
(defvar ffip-find-options ""
@@ -136,10 +139,70 @@ directory they are found in so that they are unique."
(ffip-uniqueify file-cons))
(add-to-list 'file-alist file-cons)
- (split-string (shell-command-to-string
- (format "find %s -type f \\( %s \\) %s | head -n %s"
- root (ffip-join-patterns)
- ffip-find-options ffip-limit))))))
+ (let ((default-directory
+ (if ffip-filesystem-remote-server
+ (format "/ssh:%s:/%s" ffip-filesystem-remote-server default-directory)
+ default-directory)))
+ (split-string (shell-command-to-string
+ (format "find %s -type f \\( %s \\) %s | awk '{if (NR <= %s) print $0}'"
+ root (ffip-join-patterns)
+ ffip-find-options ffip-limit)))))))
+(defun ffip-mtime (filename)
+ "According to this number we soert the files"
+ (float-time (nth 4 (file-attributes filename))))
+(defun ffip-buffer-in-project-p (buf &optional project-root)
+ "Check if buffer is in project. If project root is nil try `ffip-project-root'"
+ (let ((fname (buffer-file-name buf))
+ (proot (if project-root (expand-file-name project-root) (expand-file-name (ffip-project-root)))))
+ (if fname
+ (string-prefix-p proot fname) ; an open file may be excluded due to file limit restrictions
+ nil)))
+(defun ffip-sort-file-alist (file-alist)
+ "Show them in buffer order"
+ (let ((top nil))
+ ;; Move open files from `fil to TOP in the order they are found
+ (dolist (buf-in-project (reverse (delete-if-not '(lambda (buf) (ffip-buffer-in-project-p buf)) (buffer-list))))
+ (setq file-alist (delete-if
+ (lambda (entry) (string= (cdr entry) (buffer-file-name buf-in-project)))
+ file-alist))
+ (push (cons (buffer-name buf-in-project) (buffer-file-name buf-in-project)) top)) ; If a file is open in a buffer we prefer the buffer name anyway
+ ;; Sort the remaining files by modification date
+ (let ((sorted-file-alist (sort file-alist (lambda (f1 f2)
+ (> (ffip-mtime (cdr f1)) (ffip-mtime (cdr f2)))))))
+ (if (string= (cdar top) (buffer-file-name (current-buffer)))
+ (append (cdr top) sorted-file-alist (list (car top)))
+ (append top sorted-file-alist)))))
+(defun ffip-barel-shift (l)
+ "The current buffer at the end."
+ (append (cdr l) (list (car l))))
+(defun ffip-open-projects ()
+ "Prompt to switch to the last edited file of an open
+project. Projects are shown in the order they were last
+ (interactive)
+ (let (projects)
+ (dolist (buf (buffer-list))
+ (with-current-buffer buf
+ (when (and (buffer-file-name buf) (ffip-project-root))
+ (if projects
+ (pushnew (cons (expand-file-name (ffip-project-root)) buf) projects :test (lambda (x y) (string= (car x) (car y))))
+ (setq projects (adjoin (cons (expand-file-name (ffip-project-root)) buf) projects))))))
+ (let* ((project-roots (mapcar 'car (reverse projects)))
+ (barel-roots (if (ffip-buffer-in-project-p (current-buffer) (car project-roots))
+ (ffip-barel-shift project-roots) project-roots))
+ (chosen (expand-file-name (if (and (boundp 'ido-mode) ido-mode)
+ (ido-completing-read "Jump to open project: " barel-roots)
+ (completing-read "jump to open project: " barel-roots)))))
+ (switch-to-buffer
+ (cdr (assoc chosen projects))))))
(defun find-file-in-project ()
@@ -149,11 +212,11 @@ The project's scope is defined as the first directory containing
an `.emacs-project' file. You can override this by locally
setting the variable `ffip-project-root'."
- (let* ((project-files (ffip-project-files))
- (files (mapcar 'car project-files))
- (file (if (and (boundp 'ido-mode) ido-mode)
- (ido-completing-read "Find file in project: " files)
- (completing-read "Find file in project: " files))))
+ (let* ((project-files (ffip-sort-file-alist (ffip-project-files)))
+ (files (mapcar 'car project-files))
+ (file (if (and (boundp 'ido-mode) ido-mode)
+ (ido-completing-read "Find file in project: " files)
+ (completing-read "Find file in project: " files))))
(find-file (cdr (assoc file project-files)))))
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