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History of user-visible changes in Grenchman

0.3.0 / ???

  • Set "grench.cwd" system property to current directory.
  • Fix quoting bugs in main command.
  • Support multi-line input in repl.
  • Add load command.
  • Fix exit code when errors occur.

0.2.0 / 06-10-2013

  • Read forms from stdin when no args are given.
  • Exit with 111 to indicate connection failure.
  • Use libreadline for all console input.
  • Implement repl as independent client instead of deferring to Leiningen's.
  • Add eval and main subcommands which don't involve Leiningen.
  • Move Leiningen task invocation to lein subcommand.

0.1.0 / 29-08-2013

  • Initial release!