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open Core.Std
open Printf
(* Invoking Leiningen tasks. *)
let port_err =
"Couldn't read port from ~/.lein/repl-port or $LEIN_REPL_PORT.\n
If Leiningen is not running, launch `lein repl :headless' from outside a
project directory and try again.\n"
let repl_port () =
let filename = String.concat
~sep:Filename.dir_sep [(Sys.getenv_exn "HOME");
".lein"; "repl-port"] in
match Sys.getenv "LEIN_REPL_PORT" with
| Some port -> int_of_string port
| None -> match Sys.file_exists filename with
| `Yes -> int_of_string (In_channel.read_all filename)
| `No | `Unknown -> eprintf "%s%!" port_err; exit 111
let form = sprintf "(binding [*cwd* \"%s\", *exit-process?* false]
(System/setProperty \"leiningen.original.pwd\" \"%s\")
(defmethod leiningen.core.eval/eval-in :default
[project form]
(assoc project :eval-in :nrepl) form))
(defmethod leiningen.core.eval/eval-in :trampoline
[& _] (throw (Exception. \"trampoline disabled\")))
(try (-main \"%s\")
(catch clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo e
(let [c (:exit-code (ex-data e))]
(when-not (and (number? c) (zero? c))
(throw e))))))"
let main_message args session =
let cwd = Sys.getcwd () in
let root = Client.find_root cwd cwd in
let form = form root cwd (Client.splice_args args) in
([("session", session);
("op", "eval");
("id", "main");
("ns", "leiningen.core.main");
("code", form)],
let main args =
let port = repl_port () in
Client.eval port [main_message args] Client.handle_done