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DarwinAwardWinner committed Sep 26, 2011
1 parent cfd6a76 commit 01aefe615caafd90e0644dc9406683e4b45a5dea
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@@ -102,12 +102,12 @@ continue to use `completing-read' instead of
(defmacro enable-ido-ubiquitous-in (func)
"Re-enable ido-ubiquitous in FUNC.
This reverses the effects of `disable-ido-ubiquitous-in-function'."
This reverses the effect of `disable-ido-ubiquitous-in-function'."
`(defadvice ,func (around disable-ido-ubiquitous activate)
;; Disable ido-ubiquitous in `find-file' and similar, because they are
;; not supposed to use ido.
;; Disable ido-ubiquitous in `find-file' and similar functions,
;; because they are not supposed to use ido.
(disable-ido-ubiquitous-in read-file-name)
(provide 'ido-ubiquitous) ;;; ido-ubiquitous.el ends here

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