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Actually, it does work for M-x now

Not sure when that happened. Last time I checked, it didn't. But I've
been using smex for so long, I don't remember the last time I used
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DarwinAwardWinner committed Oct 8, 2011
1 parent c14eba3 commit 4ef45fd7384f543609312bcce357f34fe1659022
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@@ -19,10 +19,8 @@
;; (almost) any command that uses `completing-read' to offer you a
;; choice of several alternatives.
;; One place where this package *doesn't* work is the completion
;; offered by "M-x" (that is, the `execute-extended-command'
;; function). If you want ido-style completion for "M-x", you should
;; install the "smex" package.
;; This even works in M-x, but for that, you might prefer the "smex"
;; package instead.
;;; License:

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