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DarwinAwardWinner committed Oct 17, 2011
1 parent b4f342e commit 6f7d364216c2e87a385148b849a68cf3cf170896
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@@ -137,7 +137,11 @@ ido-ubiquitous in non-interactive functions, customize
;; because they are not supposed to use ido.
(defvar ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions
- "Functions in which ido-ubiquitous should always be disabled.")
+ "Functions in which ido-ubiquitous should always be disabled.
+If you want to disable ido in a specific function or command, do
+not modify this variable. Instead, try `M-x customize-group
(dolist (func ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions)
(eval `(ido-ubiquitous-disable-in ,func)))

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