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No user-visible changes, only under-the-hood ones.
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1 parent 7d61ea9 commit f320ae8162fdeadd3a465d86d5eac1ea7cce719a @DarwinAwardWinner DarwinAwardWinner committed Sep 3, 2012
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  1. +8 −15 ido-ubiquitous.el
@@ -134,18 +134,11 @@ ido-ubiquitous in non-interactive functions, customize
(defmacro ido-ubiquitous-enable-in (func)
"Re-enable ido-ubiquitous in FUNC.
- This reverses the effect of `ido-ubiquitous-disable-in'."
- ;; In my experience, simply using `ad-remove-advice' or
- ;; `ad-disable-advice' doesn't work correctly (in Emacs 23).
- ;; Instead, I've found that one must redefine the advice under the
- ;; same name ("disable-ido-ubiquitous") to simply call the original
- ;; function with no modifications. This has the same effect
- ;; (disables the advice), but is presumably less efficient.
- (let ((docstring
- (format "DO NOT disable ido-ubiquitous in %s" func)))
- `(defadvice ,func (around disable-ido-ubiquitous activate)
- ,docstring
- ad-do-it)))
+ This reverses the effect of a previous call to
+ `ido-ubiquitous-disable-in'."
+ `(when (ad-find-advice ',func 'around 'disable-ido-ubiquitous)
+ (ad-disable-advice ',func 'around 'disable-ido-ubiquitous)
+ (ad-activate ',func)))
@@ -165,8 +158,8 @@ If you want to disable ido in a specific function or command, do
not modify this variable. Instead, try `M-x customize-group
-(dolist (func ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions)
- (eval `(ido-ubiquitous-disable-in ,func)))
+(mapc (lambda (func) (eval `(ido-ubiquitous-disable-in ,func)))
+ ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions)
(defun ido-ubiquitous--set-difference (list1 list2)
"Replacement for `set-difference' from `cl'."
@@ -176,7 +169,7 @@ ido-ubiquitous.")
(defun ido-ubiquitous-set-function-exceptions (sym newval)
(let* ((oldval (when (boundp sym) (eval sym))))
- ;; Filter out permanent fixtures
+ ;; Filter out the permanent exceptions so we never act on them.
(setq oldval (ido-ubiquitous--set-difference oldval ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions))
(setq newval (ido-ubiquitous--set-difference newval ido-ubiquitous-permanent-function-exceptions))
;; Re-enable ido-ubiquitous on all old functions, in case they

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