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Revert "Allow empty-string-as-default compatibility mode in more cases"

Fixes #17. Breaks #16 again, but that can't be helped.

This reverts commit f327ce0.
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1 parent 4e3647b commit fce2cda5035a04bffbeb11fa7583fce25ca87c8f @DarwinAwardWinner DarwinAwardWinner committed Aug 31, 2012
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  1. +1 −0 ido-ubiquitous.el
@@ -271,6 +271,7 @@ This behavior is disabled by setting
`ido-ubiquitous-enable-compatibility' to nil."
(if (and ido-ubiquitous-enable-compatibility
(eq ido-cur-item 'list)
+ ido-require-match
(null ido-default-item)
(not current-prefix-arg)
(string= ido-text "")

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