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A little bit of pretty-printing sugar for the defproject

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commit 78a6cbc6de1bd843b7e307b821905b0fc8585a59 1 parent 11a550f
Tom Faulhaber tomfaulhaber authored
Showing with 8 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +8 −3 src/leiningen/precate.clj
11 src/leiningen/precate.clj
@@ -130,6 +130,12 @@
(:name project))) ~(:version project)
~@(apply concat (dissoc project :name :group :version :root))))
+(defn pprint-project [project]
+ (pprint/with-pprint-dispatch pprint/code-dispatch
+ (pprint/cl-format true "~<(~;~a ~a ~s~^ ~1i~_~@<~@{~<~w~^ ~w~:>~^ ~_~}~:>~;)~:>~%"
+ (concat (take 3 project)
+ (list (partition 2 (drop 3 project)))))))
(defn precate
"Suggest a new project.clj that's compatible with Leiningen 2."
@@ -139,6 +145,5 @@
(println "This plugin is not intended for use on other plugins.")
(println "Please see"))
- (pprint/with-pprint-dispatch pprint/code-dispatch ; kinda gross =\
- (pprint/pprint (project-map-to-defproject (suggest-project-map project))))
- (flush))
+ (pprint-project (project-map-to-defproject (suggest-project-map project)))
+ (flush))
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