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Mention Hooke as a required regular :dependency in readme.

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@@ -4,8 +4,10 @@ Run only the test namespaces which failed last time around.
## Single-project Usage
-You'll need to add a :dev-dependency and a :hook to project.clj:
+You'll need to add a :dependency, a :dev-dependency, and a :hook to
+ :dependencies [[robert/hooke "1.1.0"]]
:dev-dependencies [[lein-retest "1.0.0"]]
:hooks [leiningen.hooks.retest]
@@ -21,7 +23,9 @@ Add this to ~/.lein/init.clj
(require 'leiningen.hooks.retest)
-Then you should be set to use it in all your projects.
+Then you should be set to use it in all your projects, though each
+project will still need to have Robert Hooke as a :dependency for it
+to work.
## License

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