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Compile Scala source from Leiningen.


Add [lein-scalac "0.1.0"] to :plugins project.clj. (Or :dev-dependencies on Leiningen versions earlier than 1.7.0)

Set :scala-source-paths in project.clj, usually to "src/scala", and place your .scala source files in there.

Run lein scalac to compile them to .class files.

If you want scalac to run automatically, add :prep-tasks ["scalac"] to project.clj

For Leiningen 1.x support, need to add leiningen.hooks.scalac to :hooks in project.clj.

If you need runtime features of Scala you'll have to declare a dependency on scala-library like so:

:dependencies [org.scala-lang/scala-library "2.9.1"]


Copyright © 2012 Phil Hagelberg and Scott Clasen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.