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Create tarballs from Leiningen projects.

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What is lein-tar

How far could you take a jar if the jar was in a tar? Possibly as
far as Myanmar. Or maybe Zanzibar, if you had a car.

Package your project up as a tarball!

Formerly known as lein-release.


With Leiningen 2

Add [lein-tar "2.0.0"] to your project's :plugins.

With Leiningen 1

Add [lein-tar "1.1.2"] to your project's :dev-dependencies.


$ lein tar

Creates myproject-1.0.0.tar including everything in pkg/ along with the default dependencies plus the jar of your project. If you are building from Hudson, your tarball will contain a build.clj file that shows which build produced it.


Add :tar {:uberjar true} to your project.clj.

Output format

Use option :format to specify the desired output format: either a tar (default) or a tgz/tar-gz (tar + gzip). Example: :tar {:format :tgz}.

Breaking changes since version 2.0.0

Starting with version 3.0.0, we introduced the following breaking changes:

  • The plugin adds the .jar files to the resulting archive under lib/ instead of lib/target
  • By default, the plugin now generates the resulting archive in the projects' target directory (that is, the :target-path of the project), instead of the project's root. You can change this with the new option :output-dir.

Known Issues

Due to absurd limitations in the Java file API, Unix permissions inside the tarball are an approximation[1]. Executable files will be given permissions of 0755, while other files will be 0644.

[1] - to phrase it charitably.


Licensed under the EPL; the same license as Clojure.

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