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#-*- mode: org -*-

Leiningen TODOs

For 1.0

Remove install task dependency on having Maven installed

Use -Xbootclasspath where possible

Don’t write manifest, pom, etc. to disk when jarring

Don’t put uberjar in ~/.m2

Perform compilation in either a subprocess or with a separate classloader

Allow test task to take namespaces as an argument

System/exit appropriately when testing based on pass/fail

Fix eval-in-project to let plugins pass in extra args

Resources directory added to classpath (for properties, etc)

This would be a good way for clojure code to have access to lein’s vers

Post 1.0

doc generation

user config file for activating plugins across all projects

write shell wrappers

move repl task from shell script to clojure code

advise existing tasks from plugins

Plugin Ideas:

Code statistics (LOC, doc coverage, etc)

Graph output for dependencies between namespaces

Start web server for web-related projects

Multi-module builds

Low Priority

Slim jar task

Source jar task

Run failed tests task

Remove duplication between deps.clj and pom.clj

Help task should display arglist

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