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Leiningen NEWS -- history of user-visible changes
= 1.4.0 / 2010-11-??
* Keep project JVM running between task runs in interactive task.
* Support :uberjar-exclusions as a seq of regexes in project.clj.
* Support :repl-options in project.clj that get passed to clojure.main/repl.
* Shell wrappers are installed on Windows. (Matjaz Gregoric)
* Windows and Cygwin path fixes. (Matjaz Gregoric)
* Solaris compatibility fixes. (Heinz Gies)
* Deprecated :jar-dir in favour of :target-dir.
* Deprecated unused eval-in-project arguments. (handler, skip-auto-compile)
* Deprecated :namespaces and :test-resources-path in project.clj.
* Delete non-project .class files after AOT compilation. (Luc Prefontaine)
* Merge run task from lein-run plugin. (Siddhartha Reddy)
* Improve subtask help output. (Colin Jones)
* Support :eval-in-leiningen for easier testing of plugins.
* Merge javac task from lein-javac plugin. (Antonio Garrote)
* Add init argument to eval-in-project to help with the Gilardi Scenario.
See for details.
* Fix bug involving repl I/O flushing.
* Run subset of test suite using test selector predicates.
* Specify what file patterns to exclude from jars. (Zehua Liu)
* Sort and de-dupe help output. (Sergio Arbeo)
* Add plugin task: easily install user-level plugins (Colin Jones, Michael Ivey)
= 1.3.1 / 2010-09-07
* Support regex matching in :aot list. (Alex Ott)
* Run self-install automatically if uberjar is missing.
* Fix bugs that caused standalone install task to fail.
* Allow dependency type to be specified in project.clj. (John Sanda)
* Stop jar/uberjar task if compile fails. (Alan Dipert)
* Support :min-lein-version in project.clj so if a project uses newer Leiningen
features it will warn users of old lein versions. (Isaac Hodes)
* Fix a bug where tests would get skipped if their first form was not ns.
* Fix a bug where "lein help" would hang if run from a dir with a large src/.
* Fix a bug where repl task would hang on unreadable input. (Isaac Hodes)
* Allow repl task to work outside project. (Colin Jones)
* If curl/wget is found, self-install works on Windows. (Shantanu Kumar)
* Fix bug causing standalone install task to fail.
* Allow custom shell-wrappers.
* Start repls in user ns if no :main is in project.clj.
= 1.3.0 / 2010-08-19
* Add :omit-source option to project.clj for shipping aot-only jars.
* Make repl task listen on a socket as well as the command-line.
* Write shell wrapper scripts at installation time. See
* Put user-level plugins in ~/.lein/plugins on the classpath.
* Load ~/.lein/init.clj on startup.
* Execution of per-project initialization script, specified in :repl-init-script option.
(Alex Ott)
* Switch to /bin/sh instead of bash. (Mike Meyer)
* Allow multiple tasks to be chained from the command-line. (Colin Jones)
* Add test! task that cleans and does deps before testing.
* Add interactive task for entering tasks in a shell-like environment.
* Work around argument escaping bug on Windows. (Laurence Hygate)
* Require hooks to be specified in project.clj.
* Detect download failures in self-install.
* Add resources and test-resources paths to pom. (Brian Weber)
* Fix bug causing crash if OS name wasn't recognized.
* Improve AOT staleness determination heuristic.
* Fix bug where uberjar left out dependencies for non-AOT'd projects. (Alex Ott)
= 1.2.0 / 2010-07-18
* Don't enable repl rlwrap when unnecessary. (dumb terms, Emacs, etc.)
* Add support for password-protected repositories.
* Allow :jar-name and :uberjar-name to be customized.
* Allow unquoting in defproject form.
* Support classifiers in dependencies.
* Clean before running uberjar task.
* Implicitly clean lib/ before running deps.
* Add support for test-resources directory.
* Fix help output that AOT sometimes drops.
* Clear out lib/dev on lein clean even if :library-path is customized.
* Some tasks suppress useless output.
* Snapshot versions now allow self-install.
* Allow compile task to take a list of namespaces overriding project.clj.
* Handle more types of project metadata.
* Add plugin creation guide.
* Include arglists in help output.
* Make lein script usable from any subdirectory in the project root.
* Fix repl task to work with forked subprocess.
* Fork subprocess unconditionally for greater compatibility.
* Allow $JAVA_CMD to be customized.
* Fix a bug causing everything to recompile in tests. Thanks, Stuart!
* Fix exit code for test runs.
* Automatically compile and fetch deps when needed.
* Allow :jvm-opts and :warn-on-reflection to be set in project.clj.
* Merge lein-swank plugin into swank-clojure.
* Add :aot as an alias in project.clj for :namespaces to AOT-compile.
* Add option to omit-default-repositories.
* Allow group-id to be omitted when depending on Clojure and Contrib.
* Keep dev-dependencies in lib/dev, exclude them from uberjars.
* Include version numbers in jar filenames.
* Fix repl task to use project subclassloader.
* Don't allow "new" task to create *jure names.
* Add classpath command.
* Implement Checkout Dependencies. See README.
* Add option to symlink deps into lib/ instead of copying.
* Fixed bug for file timestamps inside jars.
* Generated poms should work in Java IDEs.
* Improved Cygwin support.
* Added file for introductory concepts.
= 1.1.0 / 2010-02-16
* Added "lein upgrade" task
* Don't download snapshot releases unless actually needed.
* Make subclassloader's classpath available to projects.
* Fixed "install" task to place pom in local repository.
* Bug fixes to "new" task.
* Only AOT-compile namespaces specified in project.clj.
* Better error handling.
* Add exclusions support for dependencies.
* Support dependencies with native code.
* Added experimental Windows support.
= 1.0.1 / 2009-12-10
* Added bash completion.
* Honor $JAVA_OPTS.
* Fix new task.
* Add version task.
* Use jline for repl task.
* Fix pom task for Java 1.5 compatibility.
= 1.0.0 / 2009-12-05
* Source, test, and compilation paths can be set in project.clj.
* Project code runs in an isolated classloader; can now compile/test
projects that require a different version of Clojure from
Leiningen. (Does not support 1.0's test-is yet.)
* Install task no longer requires maven to be installed.
* Only compile namespaces whose .class files are older than .clj files.
* Add "new" task for generating blank projects.
* Set <scm> tag when generating pom.xml.
* Include pom.xml,, and more detailed manifest in jars.
* Summarize pass/fail counts from test runs across all namespaces.
* Accept a list of namespaces for test task rather than testing all.
* Create $PROJECT-standalone.jar file from uberjar to distinguish from
regular jar files.
* Plugins have more flexibility to set the classpath and other
arguments for running project code.
* Add resources/ directory to classpath and generated jars.
* Start Leiningen faster by using -Xbootclasspath argument.
= 0.5.0 / 2009-11-17
* Initial release!
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