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;; This is an annotated example of the options that may be set in a
;; project.clj file. It is a fairly contrived example in order to
;; cover all options exhaustively; it shouldn't be considered a
;; representative configuration. For a more detailed explanation of
;; some of the terms run "lein help tutorial".
;; These options apply to Leiningen 2.x. See the 1.x branch for older versions:
;; The project is named "sample", and its group-id is "org.example".
(defproject org.example/sample "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT" ; version "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
;; Beyond this point you may prepend a form with unquote, or ~, to eval it.
;; The descrption text is searchable from repositories like Clojars.
:description "A sample project"
:url ""
;; The mailing list of the project. If the project has multiple mailing
;; lists, use the :mailing-lists key (bound to a seq of mailing list
;; descriptions as below).
:mailing-list {:name "sample mailing list"
:archive ""
:other-archives [""
:post ""
:subscribe ""
:unsubscribe ""}
;; The project's license. :distribution should be :repo or :manual;
;; :repo means it is ok for public repositories to host this project's
;; artifacts. A seq of :licenses is also supported.
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License - v 1.0"
:url ""
:distribution :repo
:comments "same as Clojure"}
;; Dependencies are listed as [group-id/name version].
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]
[org.jclouds/jclouds "1.0" :classifier "jdk15" :scope "test"]
[net.sf.ehcache/ehcache "2.3.1" :extension "pom"]
[log4j "1.2.15" :exclusions [[javax.mail/mail :extension "jar"]
[javax.jms/jms :classifier "*"]
;; Global exclusions are applied across the board, as an alternative
;; to duplication for multiple depedencies with the same excluded libraries.
:exclusions [org.apache.poi/poi
;; Plugins are code that runs in Leiningen itself and usually
;; provides new tasks or hooks.
:plugins [[lein-pprint "1.1.1"]
[lein-assoc "0.1.0"]
[s3-wagon-private "1.1.1"]
[lein-foo "0.0.1" :hooks false]
[lein-bar "0.0.1" :middleware false]]
;; If you configure a custom repository with a self-signed SSL
;; certificate, you will need to add it here. Paths should be either
;; be on Leiningen's classpath or relative to the project root.
:certificates ["blueant.pem"]
;; Each active profile gets merged into the project map. The :dev
;; and :user profiles are active by default, but the latter should be
;; looked up in ~/.lein/profiles.clj rather than set in project.clj.
;; Use the with-profiles higher-order task to run a task with a
;; different set of active profiles.
;; See `lein help profiles` for a detailed explanation.
:profiles {:dev {:resource-paths ["dummy-data"]
:dependencies [[clj-stacktrace "0.2.4"]]}
:debug {:debug true
:injections [(prn (into {} (System/getProperties)))]}
:1.4 {:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.4.0-alpha1"]]}}
;; Support project-specific task aliases. These are interpreted in
;; the same way as command-line arguments to the lein command. If
;; the alias points to a vector, it uses partial application. For
;; example, "lein with-magic run -m hi.core" would be equivalent to
;; "lein assoc :magic true run -m hi.core". Remember, commas are not
;; considered to be special by argument parsers, they're just part
;; of the preceding argument.
:aliases {"launch" "run"
"dumbrepl" ["trampoline" "run" "-m" "clojure.main/main"]
"test!" ["do" "clean," "deps," "test"]}
;; Normally Leiningen runs the javac and compile tasks before
;; calling any eval-in-project code, but you can override this with
;; the :prep-tasks key to do other things like compile protocol buffers.
:prep-tasks [["protobuf" "compile"] "javac" "compile"]
;; Warns users of earlier versions of Leiningen.
:min-lein-version "2.0.0"
;; Paths to include on the classpath from each project in the
;; checkouts/ directory. (See the FAQ in the Readme for more details
;; about checkout dependencies.) Set this to be a vector of
;; functions that take the target project as argument. Defaults to
;; [:source-paths :compile-path :resource-paths], but you could use
;; the following to share code from the test suite:
:checkout-deps-shares [:source-paths :test-paths
~(fn [p] (str (:root p) "/lib/dev/*"))]
;; Load these namespaces from within Leiningen to pick up hooks from them.
:hooks [leiningen.hooks.difftest]
;; Predicates to determine whether to run a test or not, take test metadata
;; as argument. See Leiningen tutorial for more information.
:test-selectors {:default (fn [m] (not (or (:integration m) (:regression m))))
:integration :integration
:regression :regression}
;; These namespaces will be AOT-compiled. Needed for gen-class and
;; other Java interop functionality. Put a regex here to compile all
;; namespaces whose names match.
:aot [org.example.sample]
;; The -main function in this namespace will be run at launch
;; (either via `lein run` or from an uberjar). It should be variadic:
;; (ns my.service.runner
;; (:gen-class))
;; (defn -main
;; "Application entry point"
;; [& args]
;; (comment Do app initialization here))
;; Set :skip-aot metadata on this symbol to use it for other things like the
;; run task without triggering AOT if you don't need an executable uberjar.
:main my.service.runner
;; Options to change the way the REPL behaves
:repl-options {;; Specify the string to print when prompting for input.
;; defaults to something like (fn [ns] (str *ns* "=> "))
:prompt (fn [ns] (str "your command for <" ns ">, master? " ))
;; Specify the ns to start the REPL in (overrides :main in
;; this case only)
;; This expression will run when first opening a REPL, in the
;; namespace from :init-ns or :main if specified
:init (println "here we are in" *ns*)
;; Customize the socket the repl task listens on and
;; attaches to.
:host ""
:port 4001
;; If nREPL takes too long to load it may timeout,
;; increase this to wait longer before timing out.
;; Defaults to 30000 (30 seconds)
:timeout 40000
;; nREPL server customization
;; Only one of #{:nrepl-handler :nrepl-middleware}
;; may be used at a time
;; Use a different server-side nREPL handler
:nrepl-handler (
;; Add server-side middleware to nREPL stack
:nrepl-middleware [my.nrepl.thing/wrap-amazingness
;; TODO: link to more detailed documentation
;; middleware without appropriate metadata
;; (see!
;; for details) will simply be appended to the stack
;; of middleware (rather than ordered based on its
;; expectations and requirements)
(fn [handler]
(fn [& args]
(prn :middle args)
(apply handler args)))]}
;; Forms to prepend to every form that is evaluated inside your project.
;; Allows working around the Gilardi Scenario:
:injections [(require 'clojure.pprint)]
;; Emit warnings on all reflection calls.
:warn-on-reflection true
;; Set this in order to only use the :repositories you list below.
:omit-default-repositories true
;; These repositories will be searched for :dependencies and
;; :plugins and will also be available to deploy to.
:repositories [["" ""]
["sonatype" {:url ""
;; If a repository contains releases only setting
;; :snapshots to false will speed up dependencies.
:snapshots false
;; You can also set the policies for how to handle
;; :checksum failures to :fail, :warn, or :ignore.
:checksum :fail
;; How often should this repository be checked
;; for updates? (:daily, :always, or :never)
:update :always
;; You can also apply them to releases only:
:releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}]
;; Repositories named "snapshots" and "releases" automatically
;; have their :snapshots and :releases disabled as appropriate.
;; Credentials for repositories should *not* be stored
;; in project.clj but in ~/.lein/credentials.clj.gpg instead,
;; see `lein help deploying` under "Authentication".
"snapshots" ""
"releases" {:url ""
;; Using :env as a value here will cause an
;; enironment variable to be used based on
;; the key; in this case LEIN_PASSWORD.
:username "milgrim" :password :env}]
;; These repositories will be included with :repositories when loading plugins.
;; This would normally be set in a profile for non-public repositories.
;; All the options are the same as in the :repositories map.
:plugin-repositories [["internal-plugin-repo" ""]]
;; You can set :update and :checksum policies here to have them
;; apply for all :repositories. Usually you will not set :update
;; directly but apply the "update" profile instead.
:update :always
:checksum :fail
;; the deploy task will give preference to repositories specified in
;; :deploy-repositories, and repos listed there will not be used for
;; dependency resolution.
:deploy-repositories [["releases" ""]
["snapshots" ""]]
;; Fetch dependencies from mirrors. Mirrors override repositories when the key
;; in the :mirrors map matches either the name or URL of a specified
;; repository. All settings supported in :repositories may be set here too.
:mirrors {"central" {:name "Ibiblio"
:url ""}
#"clojars" {:name "Internal nexus"
:url "http://mvn.local/nexus/releases"
:repo-manager true}}
;; Prevent Leiningen from checking the network for dependencies.
;; This wouldn't normally be set in project.clj; it would come from a profile.
:offline? true
;; Override location of the local maven repository. Relative to project root.
:local-repo "local-m2"
;; If you'd rather use a different directory structure, you can set these.
;; Paths that contain "inputs" are vectors, "outputs" are strings.
:source-paths ["src" "src/main/clojure"]
:java-source-paths ["src/main/java"] ; Java source is stored separately.
:test-paths ["test" "src/test/clojure"]
:resource-paths ["src/main/resource"] ; non-code files included in classpath/jar
:compile-path "target/classes" ; for .class files
:native-path "src/native" ; where to extract native dependencies
:target-path "target/" ; where to place the project's jar file
:jar-name "sample.jar" ; name of the jar produced by 'lein jar'
:uberjar-name "sample-standalone.jar" ; as above for uberjar
;; Options to pass to java compiler for java source,
;; exactly the same as command line arguments to javac
:javac-options ["-target" "1.6" "-source" "1.6" "-Xlint:-options"]
;; Leave the contents of :source-paths out of jars (for AOT projects)
:omit-source true
;; Files with names matching any of these patterns will be excluded from jars
:jar-exclusions [#"(?:^|/).svn/"]
;; Same thing, but for uberjars.
:uberjar-exclusions [#"META-INF/DUMMY.SF"]
;; Add arbitrary jar entries. Supports :path, :paths, :bytes, and :fn types.
:filespecs [{:type :path :path "config/base.clj"}
;; directory paths are included recursively
{:type :paths :paths ["config/web" "config/cli"]}
;; programmatically-generated content can use :bytes
{:type :bytes :path "project.clj"
;; strings or byte arrays are accepted
:bytes ~(slurp "project.clj")}
;; :fn filespecs take the project as an argument and
;; should return a filespec map of one of the other types.
{:type :fn :fn (fn [p]
{:type :bytes :path "git-log"
:bytes (:out (
"git" "log" "-n" "1"))})}]
;; Set arbitrary key/value pairs for the jar's manifest.
:manifest {"Project-awesome-level" "super-great"
;; function values will be called with the project as an argument.
"Class-Path" ~#(clojure.string/join
(leiningen.core.classpath/get-classpath %))
;; symbol values will be resolved to find a function to call.
"Grunge-level" my.plugin/calculate-grunginess}
;; You can set JVM-level options here.
:jvm-opts ["-Xmx1g"]
;; Control the context in which your project code is evaluated.
;; Defaults to :subprocess, but can also be :leiningen (for plugins)
;; or :classloader (experimental) to avoid starting a subprocess.
:eval-in :leiningen
;; Enable bootclasspath optimization. This improves boot time but interferes
;; with using things like pomegranate at runtime and using Clojure 1.2.
:bootclasspath true
;; Set parent for working with in a multi-module maven project
:parent [org.example/parent "0.0.1" :relative-path "../parent/pom.xml"]
;; Extensions here will be propagated to the pom but not used by Leiningen.
:extensions [[org.apache.maven.wagon/wagon-webdav "1.0-beta-2"]
[foo/bar-baz "1.0"]]
;; Include <scm> tag in generated pom.xml file. All key/value pairs
;; appear exactly as configured. If absent, Leiningen will try to
;; use information from a .git directory.
:scm {:name "git" :tag "098afd745bcd" :url ""}
;; include arbitrary xml in generated pom.xml file
:pom-addition [:developers [:developer [:name "My Name"]]])
;;; Environment Variables used by Leiningen
;; JAVA_CMD - executable to use for java(1)
;; JVM_OPTS - extra options to pass to the java command
;; DEBUG - increased verbosity
;; LEIN_SNAPSHOTS_IN_RELEASE - allow releases to depend on snapshots
;; LEIN_REPL_HOST - interface on which to connect to nREPL server
;; LEIN_REPL_PORT - port on which to start or connect to nREPL server
;; http_proxy - host and port to proxy HTTP connections through
;; http_no_proxy - pipe-separated list of hosts which may be accessed directly