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Leiningen News -- history of user-visible changes

2.3.3 / 2013-10-05

  • Add support for :uberjar-merge-with. (Marshall Bockrath-Vandegrift)
  • Better error message for -m arg in run task. (Aleksandar Simic)
  • Support stdin when using :eval-in :nrepl. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Add directory entries to jar files. (Vadim Platonov)
  • Fix a bug where -main was hard-coded to initial directory. (Phil Hagelberg)

2.3.2 / 2013-08-19

  • Write .nrepl-port file for better tool interoperability. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Support targeted upgrades in lein.bat. (Shantanu Kumar)
  • Warn when projects rely on implicit AOT of :main. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where implicit AOT of :main was disabled. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Disable profile isolation by default. Will be back in 3.x. (Phil Hagelberg)

2.3.1 / 2013-08-13

  • Fix self-install bug. (Sam Aaron, Steven Harms)
  • Fix bug with AOT classes not being included in jars. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Support disabling test task's monkeypatch of clojure.test. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow project map to be readable. (Phil Hagelberg)

2.3.0 / 2013-08-08

  • Add :eval-in :pprint for debugging. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Support cleaning extra dirs with :clean-targets. (Yoshinori Kohyama)
  • Test-selectors skip fixtures too, not just running tests. (Gary Fredericks)
  • Place licenses and readmes into jars. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Include LICENSE as separate file in templates. (Wolodja Wentland)
  • Allow aborting on ambiguous version resolution with :pedantic. (Nelson Morris, Phil Hagelberg)
  • Scope :compile-path and :native-path under profile-specific target dir. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix bug where uberjar filename would include provided profile. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Deprecate explicit self-install command. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix bugs around long lines in jar manifests. (Leon Barrett)
  • Support nested checkout dependencies. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix bugs around :filespecs. (Jean Niklas L'orange)

2.2.0 / 2013-05-28

  • Support setting custom welcome message when repl connects. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug where old template versions were always fetched. (Nelson Morris)
  • Support :java-agents for tooling and instrumenting. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow checkout dependencies to operate recursively. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Introduce :uberjar profile. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Isolate target paths by profiles. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Support deploying ad-hoc files. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Set *command-line-args* in run task. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Allow templates to specify executable files. (Joe Littlejohn)
  • Remove clojuredocs repl support to reduce dependency conflicts. (Phil Hagelberg)

2.1.3 / 2013-04-12

  • Fix fast trampoline to work without user profiles. (Malcolm Sparks)
  • Fix a bug where duplicate files in jars would blow up. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug where cyclical dependencies could cause a crash. (Nelson Morris)
  • Allow aliases to have docstrings. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Read credentials from GPG for mirrors. (bdollard)
  • Fix bugs in update-in around profiles and more. (Marko Topolnik)

2.1.2 / 2013-02-28

  • Add new way to specify no-proxy hosts. (Joe Littlejohn)
  • Allow TieredCompilation to be disabled for old JVMs. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug merging keywords in profiles. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Fix a bug where tests wouldn't run under with-profiles. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Support for calling set! on arbitrary vars on startup. (Gary Verhaegen)
  • Allow update-in to work on top-level keys. (Marko Topolnik)
  • Fix a bug breaking certain templates. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug where trampolined repl would hang. (Marko Topolnik)

2.1.1 / 2013-03-21

  • Add :test-paths to directories shared by checkout deps. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow run task to function outside projects. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Fix a bug preventing with-profiles working outside projects. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug in trampolined repl. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug in update-in task causing stack overflow. (David Powell)
  • Fix a bug in lein upgrade. (Phil Hagelberg)

2.1.0 / 2013-03-19

  • Compile task accepts regexes as command-line args. (Joshua P. Tilles)
  • Allow key to be specified to use when signing artifacts. (Tim McCormack)
  • Added GPG introductory guide. (Toby Crawley)
  • Many bug fixes in batch file launcher. (David Powell)
  • Self install via lein.bat no longer requires curl/wget. (slahn)
  • Allow stdin of project processes to be closed. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Better behaviour when GPG or keys are missing. (Toby Crawley)
  • Support customizing key-managers for SSL. (Stephen Nelson)
  • Add update-in task for arbitrary project map changes. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Warn when version ranges are detected. (Nelson Morris)
  • Add support for msys on Windows machines. (megri)
  • Allow use of :mirrors when building jars/uberjars. (Tim McCormack)
  • Dependencies may include native components more flexibly. (Marc Liberatore)
  • Implement system-level profiles. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Accept repo credentials on the CLI for deploy. (Max Prokopiev)
  • Fix a bug breaking recursive aliases. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Add support for preventing deployment of branches. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Improve boot time by limiting tiered compilation in dev. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Allow building jars with classifiers. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Allow :init-ns to be honored by other nrepl clients. (Marko Topolnik)
  • Add experimental support for :eval-in :nrepl. (Phil Hagelberg)
  • Don't follow symlinks in clean task. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Add support for ~/.lein/profiles.d. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Allow ctrl-c to interrupt repl input (Colin Jones)
  • Allow lein test to take files as arguments (Gabriel Horner)

2.0.0 / 2013-01-19

  • Allow implicit repl profiles to be overridden.
  • Accept :main as an alias for -m in run task.
  • Reader fixes for repl. (Colin Jones, Chas Emerick)
  • Fix bug around stdin for subprocesses that have stopped. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Warn when :user profile is found in project.clj. (Michael Grubb)
  • Treat :user profile as project map outside of project. (Jean Niklas L'orange)

2.0.0-RC2 / 2013-01-12

  • Fix bug where newnew wouldn't be loaded from outside a project.
  • Fix Windows bug in project generation.
  • Fix lein upgrade bug.

2.0.0-RC1 / 2013-01-10

  • Fix some reader bugs in repl task. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug where Leiningen's deps could affect javac. (Jean Niklas L'orange)
  • Test selectors may allow entire namespaces to be skipped. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Allow project's git repo to be different than project root. (David Greenberg)
  • Don't AOT the :main namespace outside of jar/uberjar task.
  • Allow hooks from profiles to apply with limited scope. (Hugo Duncan)
  • Fix a bug where profile-specific paths were ignored in trampoline.
  • Support reading from stdin inside project process.
  • Add :only test selector. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Support partial application for test selectors. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Un-deprecate :auth profile for full-disk-encryption users.
  • Add documentation for mixed-source projects. (Michael Klishin)
  • Make later profiles take precedence in with-profile task. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Improve help for subtasks. (Tobias Crawley)
  • Allow vectors to specify multiple credential sources. (Chas Emerick)
  • Look up credentials in environment using namespaced keywords. (Chas Emerick)
  • Support overriding repl profile from project.clj or profiles.clj.
  • Allow test selectors to operate on namespace. (Jim Crossley)
  • Honor environment variables in project.clj. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Allow searching over fields other than artifact id. (Michael Klishin)
  • Honor per-project REPL history. (Michael Klishin, Colin Jones)
  • Reduce output during dependency resolution. (Nelson Morris)
  • Fix search task outside project. (Bruce Adams)

2.0.0-preview10 / 2012-08-25

  • Fix a bug where repositories wouldn't be checked running outside a project.
  • Make repl listen on instead of localhost to address IPv6 issues.

2.0.0-preview9 / 2012-08-24

  • Use provided profile by default everywhere except uberjar. (Marshall Vandegrift)
  • Unify format for auto-loading middleware and hooks. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Allow more declarative :nrepl-middleware settings. (Chas Emerick)
  • Fix :eval-in :classloader for native dependencies. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Support project and user leinrc file for shell-level customization. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Cache trampoline commands for fast boot. Set $LEIN_FAST_TRAMPOLINE to enable.
  • Support setting HTTPS proxies.
  • Improved resilience when self-install is interrupted. (Bruce Adams)
  • Fix a bug where profile dependencies weren't honored in trampoline task.

2.0.0-preview8 / 2012-08-16

  • Place SCM revision in in jar files.
  • Allow middleware and hooks to be inferred from plugins. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Offer similar suggestions when no task is found for input. (Joe Gallo)
  • Support TERM=dumb in repl task. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix reader mismatches between repl client and server. (Colin Jones)
  • Use new search index format, support incremental updates. (Christoph Seibert)
  • Accept nREPL handlers and middleware from project config.
  • Support emitting arbitrary elements in pom.xml. (Esa Laine)
  • Fix a bug where repl task was binding to
  • Honor $http_no_proxy host settings. (Jon Pither)
  • Profiles can be specified as compositions of other profiles. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Allow for :prep-tasks with arguments. (Anthony Marcar)
  • Check for "help" after task name. (Bruce Adams)
  • Read dependency transport wagons from plugins.
  • Allow successive eval-in-project calls with trampoline.
  • Bring back selective post-compile cleaning. (Arlen Cuss)
  • Fix memory leak in repl task.

2.0.0-preview7 / 2012-06-27

  • Fix a bug where failed javac wouldn't abort. (Michael Klishin)
  • Check task aliases everywhere tasks are invoked.
  • Sign jars and poms of releases upon deploy by default.
  • Don't decrypt credentials.clj.gpg for every request.
  • Support setting :mirrors in project.clj. (Chas Emerick, Nelson Morris)
  • Allow aliases shadowing task names to invoke shadowed tasks.
  • Emit doc/ in new project templates.
  • Allow :scm to be set in project.clj for pom inclusion. (Florian Anderiasch)
  • Fix a bug where dependency :classifier and :extension would be ignored.
  • Speed up subprocess launches when :bootclasspath is set.
  • Set user agent for HTTP requests. (Bruce Adams)
  • Verify signatures of dependencies with lein deps :verify.
  • Move task chaining to do task in order to allow for higher-order use.

2.0.0-preview6 / 2012-06-01

  • Allow lookup of :repositories credentials from environment variables.
  • Perform more SSL certificate validity checks.
  • Fix a bug where repl dependency was conflicting.
  • Add certificate for Clojars to default project settings.
  • Allow custom SSL :certificates to be specified for repositories.

2.0.0-preview5 / 2012-05-31

  • Fix a repl bug where namespaced keywords weren't read right. (Colin Jones)
  • Prompt for credentials upon deploy when none are configured.
  • Support encrypted deploy credentials using GPG.
  • Warn about missing metadata when deploying.
  • Default to refusing downloaded jars when checksums don't match.
  • Apply middleware before calculating profiles so they work in with-profile.
  • Allow reply dependency to be upgraded independently of Leiningen.
  • Don't write "stale" directory when running outside a project.
  • Proxy settings are passed on to project subprocesses. (Craig McDaniel)
  • Revamp tutorial, spin off profiles guide and faq.
  • Fix bug that would cause repl task to hang. (Colin Jones)

2.0.0-preview4 / 2012-05-11

  • Checkout dependencies are not applied with production profile.
  • Move pom.xml back to the project root.
  • Add -U alias for forcing updates of snapshots.
  • Support setting :update and :checksum profiles at top level of project.
  • Blink matching parens in repl. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug where repl would interfere with project agents. (Chas Emerick)
  • Show repl output that is emitted after return value. (Colin Jones)
  • Make it easier for plugins to undo profile merging. (David Santiago)
  • Add -o alias for activating offline profile.
  • Ignore $CLASSPATH environment variable.
  • Fix bug where repl task couldn't be trampolined. (Colin Jones)
  • Allow jar manifest entries to be dynamically calculated.
  • Support map-style :javac-opts like Leiningen 1.x used. (Michael Klishin)
  • Allow group-id to be specified when creating new projects. (Michael Klishin)
  • Fix a bug where :dev dependencies would be exposed in pom.
  • Use Clojure 1.4.0 internally; plugins have access to new Clojure features.

2.0.0-preview3 / 2012-04-12

  • Add HTTP nREPL support for repl task via :connect option. (Chas Emerick, Phil Hagelberg)
  • Improve repl startup time, output consistency, Windows support. (Lee Hinman, Colin Jones)
  • Stop using numeric exit codes for task failures.
  • Dynamically resolve unknown templates in new task.
  • Automatically activate offline profile when needed.
  • Honor $http_proxy environment variable. (Juergen Hoetzel)
  • Allow arbitrary :filespecs to be included in jars.
  • Let custom :prep-tasks be specified in project.clj.
  • Include :java-source-paths and dev/test deps in pom. (Nelson Morris)
  • Add offline profile.
  • Prevent project JVMs from outlasting Leiningen's process. (Colin Jones)
  • Update lein.bat to work with version 2. (Andrew Kondratovich)
  • Show a dependency tree in deps task. (Chas Emerick, Nelson Morris)
  • Support connecting to nrepl server in repl task. (Chas Emerick, Colin Jones)
  • Pretty-print pom.xml. (Nelson Morris)
  • Display task aliases in help task. (Michael S. Klishin)
  • Only compile stale java source files. (Stephen C. Gilardi)
  • Respect :java-cmd in project.clj. (Michael S. Klishin)
  • Show progress when downloading search indices. (Justin Kramer)

2.0.0-preview2 / 2012-03-08

  • Honor :default and :user profiles when running outside a project.
  • Fix a bug where subtask help wasn't showing.

2.0.0-preview1 / 2012-03-07

  • Split out leiningen-core into independent library.
  • Construct classpath out of ~/.m2 instead of copying jars to lib/.
  • Replace maven-ant-tasks with Pomegranate library. (Chas Emerick, Nelson Morris)
  • Move build artifacts to target/ directory.
  • Add experimental support for running project code in-process with :eval-in :classloader. (Justin Balthrop)
  • Support profiles for alternate project configurations.
  • Switch to using plural :source-paths, :test-paths, and :resource-paths.
  • Complete rewrite of repl task. (Colin Jones, Chas Emerick, Anthony Grimes)
  • Remove special case of implicit org.clojure group-id in :dependencies.
  • Replace :dev-dependencies with :dev profile.
  • Support customized :source-paths with :eval-in :leiningen projects.
  • Rewrite pom task. (Nelson Morris, Alan Malloy)
  • Allow tasks and projects to add custom :injections into project code.
  • Support changing :prep-tasks for running tasks other than javac and compile before eval-in-project calls.
  • Rewrite new task. (Anthony Grimes)
  • New check task for catching reflection and other issues. (David Santiago)
  • Check project.clj for :aliases.
  • Allow partial application of aliases.
  • Drop :extra-classpath-dirs option.
  • Load :plugins without trampolining the process.
  • Remove plugin task in favour of :user profile.
  • Allow :repository-auth to be specified using a regular expression.
  • Support arbitrary project map transformation functions via :middleware.
  • Support changing :local-repo path in project.clj.

1.7.1 / 2012-03-27

  • Fix a bug where the repl task left JVM processes running.
  • Make upgrade task accept arbitrary versions.
  • Fix a bug where javac classes would get removed before AOT compilation.
  • Allow :aot to contain both symbols and regexes. (Dan Lidral-Porter)
  • Fix bug where clean task would be incredibly slow.
  • Apply :jvm-opts with :eval-in-leiningen.
  • Prevent misbehaving plugins from pulling in conflicting Clojure versions.

1.7.0 / 2012-02-06

  • Allow any task to perform trampolining.
  • Fix a bug where JVM_OPTS with spaces would cause failures.
  • Keep pom dependencies off the classpath.
  • Block plugins from erroneously including their own Clojure version.
  • Allow poms to set parent element. (Nelson Morris)
  • Support emitting Maven extensions in pom. (Max Penet)
  • Allow faster booting on 64-bit JVMs with tiered compilation.
  • Fix a bug where shell wrappers had the wrong classpath. (Tavis Rudd)
  • Exclude all signature files from uberjars. (Tim McCormack)
  • Allow test selectors to apply to entire namespaces. (Kevin Downey)
  • Use LEIN_JAVA_CMD to allow different JVM for Leiningen itself. (Tavis Rudd)
  • Honor :plugins key inside project.clj.
  • Accept :repl-init namespace as argument to repl task.
  • Allow :java-source-path to be nested inside :source-path. (Anthony Grimes)
  • Fix a bug where native deps weren't made available. (Anthony Grimes)

1.6.2 / 2011-11-11

  • Let run task work with main functions from Java classes.
  • Fix bug where exceptions would break interactive task.
  • Default to Clojure 1.3.0 for new projects.
  • Allow Leiningen home to exist inside project directory. (Heinz N. Gies)
  • Remove old versions of plugins when upgrading.
  • Add user-level :deploy-repositories list. (Michał Marczyk)
  • Fix a bug where class files from proxy objects weren't considered part of the project. (Stephen Compall)
  • Make deps cause implicit clean to avoid AOT version mismatches.
  • Include Java source files in jar. (Nathan Marz)
  • Add separate :deploy-repositories list. (Chas Emerick)
  • Maintain order in repositories list. (Colin Jones)
  • Fix a bug where :omit-default-repos wouldn't skip Maven Central. (Chas Emerick)
  • Make deps extract native dependencies for all architectures, not just current.
  • Fix page count on search results.
  • Fix a bug where "lein plugin install" could skip dependencies.
  • Reimplement eval-in-project to use instead of Ant.
  • Separate LEIN_JVM_OPTS from JVM_OPTS. / 2011-09-06

  • Turn off workaround for Clojure's agent thread pool keeping the JVM alive by default. Use :shutdown-agents in project.clj to enable it.

1.6.1 / 2011-07-06

  • Allow alternate main namespace to be used during uberjar creation.
  • Add :checkout-deps-shares to share more directories in checkout dependencies.
  • Fix a bug where agent thread pool would be shut down in repl task.
  • Support :project-init in project.clj to allow pprint to be used in :repl-options.
  • Fix a bug where tests would not run using Clojure 1.3.
  • Support for .classpath file to include context specific classpath elements.

1.6.0 / 2011-06-29

  • Enforce project names as readable symbols.
  • Add trampoline task.
  • Fix a bug where plugins would be unavailable in MinGW.
  • Allow functions other than -main to be called using run task.
  • Support constructing classpath out of ~/.m2 instead of copying to lib/.
  • Fix a bug where help output could be truncated by plugin issues.
  • Support native dependencies.
  • Test selectors no longer require additional hooke dependency.
  • Add retest task.
  • Add search task.
  • Remove deprecated repositories.
  • Remove user/*classpath* var.
  • Support :extra-classpath-dirs in project.clj.

1.5.2 / 2011-04-13

  • Check rlwrap for support of custom quotes before using.
  • Improve Solaris support. (Donald Clark Jackson)
  • Fix curl error relating to missing $https_proxy. (Pirmin Fix)

1.5.1 / 2011-04-12

  • Improve rlwrap quote support. (Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant)
  • Prevent ns load exceptions from halting help.
  • Fix :repl-init namespace handling.
  • Make deps for :eval-in-leiningen projects available to lein process.
  • Pass $https_proxy environment variable to curl.
  • Fix :eval-in-leiningen when used with init arg.
  • Pom now includes dev-dependencies as test-scoped. (Thomas Engelschmidt)
  • Fix handling of arguments with spaces. (Stuart Fehr)
  • Fix a plugin bug where it would look for dev-dependencies.
  • Fix :min-lein-version checking. (Colin Jones)
  • Honor user settings in more places.
  • Fix running-as-root warning.
  • Revert back to warning when repository checksums don't match.

1.5.0 / 2011-03-22

  • New projects now use Clojure 1.2.1.
  • Honor per-repository :update/:checksum policies.
  • Allow some repositories to be releases/snapshots-only.
  • Honor global :exclusions. (Joe Gallo)
  • Honor :class-file-whitelist to make classes/ deletion more manageable.
  • Accept :repl-init namespace in project.clj.
  • Warn when falling back to jline if rlwrap is not found.
  • Add prepend-task macro for simple hook usage.
  • Add flexibility to clean task with :extra-files-to-clean and :regex-to-clean.
  • Fix bug in interactive task that would cause infinite loop.
  • Add version into shell wrapper template.
  • Add pcmpl-lein.el for eshell completion.
  • Skip fetching dependencies when they haven't changed in project.clj if :checksum-deps is set.
  • Add system property for $PROJECT.version.
  • Add deploy task.
  • Reload tests in interactive mode.
  • Make test! task accept namespace list as argument. (Joe Gallo)
  • Use current year in readme for project skeleton. (Joe Gallo)

1.4.2 / 2010-12-31

  • Fix a bug where init to eval-in-project was ignored in interactive task.
  • Fix a bug in path calculation for native dependencies. (wburke)
  • Fix a bug where built-in tasks shadowed plugins (javac, run).
  • Allow a seq of regexes in :clean-non-project-classes for more flexibility.
  • Fix a bug where the first argument to run would be parsed wrong. (Alex Osborne)
  • Use JVM_OPTS environment variable instead of JAVA_OPTS, though the latter is still supported for backwards-compatibility.

1.4.1 / 2010-12-16

  • Allow boosting :repl-retry-limit in project.clj for slow-starting projects.
  • Turn :clean-non-project-classes off by default.
  • Support :skip-aot metadata on :main in project.clj.
  • Alias :deps/:dev-deps to :dependencies/:dev-dependencies in project.clj.
  • Support setting clojure.debug property.
  • Don't allow stable versions to depend upon snapshots.
  • Fix exit code for chained tasks.

1.4.0 / 2010-12-02

  • Support readme, tutorial, news, and copying in help task.
  • Show short help summaries in help task overview.
  • Keep project JVM running between task runs in interactive task.
  • Support :uberjar-exclusions as a seq of regexes in project.clj.
  • Support :repl-options in project.clj that get passed to clojure.main/repl.
  • Shell wrappers are installed on Windows. (Matjaz Gregoric)
  • Windows and Cygwin path fixes. (Matjaz Gregoric)
  • Solaris compatibility fixes. (Heinz Gies)
  • Deprecated :jar-dir in favour of :target-dir.
  • Deprecated unused eval-in-project arguments. (handler, skip-auto-compile)
  • Deprecated :namespaces and :test-resources-path in project.clj.
  • Delete non-project .class files after AOT compilation. (Luc Prefontaine)
  • Merge run task from lein-run plugin. (Siddhartha Reddy)
  • Improve subtask help output. (Colin Jones)
  • Support :eval-in-leiningen for easier testing of plugins.
  • Merge javac task from lein-javac plugin. (Antonio Garrote)
  • Add init argument to eval-in-project to help with the Gilardi Scenario. See for details.
  • Fix bug involving repl I/O flushing.
  • Run subset of test suite using test selector predicates.
  • Specify what file patterns to exclude from jars. (Zehua Liu)
  • Sort and de-dupe help output. (Sergio Arbeo)
  • Add plugin task: easily install user-level plugins (Colin Jones, Michael Ivey)

1.3.1 / 2010-09-07

  • Support regex matching in :aot list. (Alex Ott)
  • Run self-install automatically if uberjar is missing.
  • Fix bugs that caused standalone install task to fail.
  • Allow dependency type to be specified in project.clj. (John Sanda)
  • Stop jar/uberjar task if compile fails. (Alan Dipert)
  • Support :min-lein-version in project.clj so if a project uses newer Leiningen features it will warn users of old lein versions. (Isaac Hodes)
  • Fix a bug where tests would get skipped if their first form was not ns.
  • Fix a bug where "lein help" would hang if run from a dir with a large src/.
  • Fix a bug where repl task would hang on unreadable input. (Isaac Hodes)
  • Allow repl task to work outside project. (Colin Jones)
  • If curl/wget is found, self-install works on Windows. (Shantanu Kumar)
  • Fix bug causing standalone install task to fail.
  • Allow custom shell-wrappers.
  • Start repls in user ns if no :main is in project.clj.

1.3.0 / 2010-08-19

  • Add :omit-source option to project.clj for shipping aot-only jars.
  • Make repl task listen on a socket as well as the command-line.
  • Write shell wrapper scripts at installation time. See
  • Put user-level plugins in ~/.lein/plugins on the classpath.
  • Load ~/.lein/init.clj on startup.
  • Execution of per-project initialization script, specified in :repl-init-script option. (Alex Ott)
  • Switch to /bin/sh instead of bash. (Mike Meyer)
  • Allow multiple tasks to be chained from the command-line. (Colin Jones)
  • Add test! task that cleans and does deps before testing.
  • Add interactive task for entering tasks in a shell-like environment.
  • Work around argument escaping bug on Windows. (Laurence Hygate)
  • Require hooks to be specified in project.clj.
  • Detect download failures in self-install.
  • Add resources and test-resources paths to pom. (Brian Weber)
  • Fix bug causing crash if OS name wasn't recognized.
  • Improve AOT staleness determination heuristic.
  • Fix bug where uberjar left out dependencies for non-AOT'd projects. (Alex Ott)

1.2.0 / 2010-07-18

  • Don't enable repl rlwrap when unnecessary. (dumb terms, Emacs, etc.)
  • Add support for password-protected repositories.
  • Allow :jar-name and :uberjar-name to be customized.
  • Allow unquoting in defproject form.
  • Support classifiers in dependencies.
  • Clean before running uberjar task.
  • Implicitly clean lib/ before running deps.
  • Add support for test-resources directory.
  • Fix help output that AOT sometimes drops.
  • Clear out lib/dev on lein clean even if :library-path is customized.
  • Some tasks suppress useless output.
  • Snapshot versions now allow self-install.
  • Allow compile task to take a list of namespaces overriding project.clj.
  • Handle more types of project metadata.
  • Add plugin creation guide.
  • Include arglists in help output.
  • Make lein script usable from any subdirectory in the project root.
  • Fix repl task to work with forked subprocess.
  • Fork subprocess unconditionally for greater compatibility.
  • Allow $JAVA_CMD to be customized.
  • Fix a bug causing everything to recompile in tests. Thanks, Stuart!
  • Fix exit code for test runs.
  • Automatically compile and fetch deps when needed.
  • Allow :jvm-opts and :warn-on-reflection to be set in project.clj.
  • Merge lein-swank plugin into swank-clojure.
  • Add :aot as an alias in project.clj for :namespaces to AOT-compile.
  • Add option to omit-default-repositories.
  • Allow group-id to be omitted when depending on Clojure and Contrib.
  • Keep dev-dependencies in lib/dev, exclude them from uberjars.
  • Include version numbers in jar filenames.
  • Fix repl task to use project subclassloader.
  • Don't allow "new" task to create *jure names.
  • Add classpath command.
  • Implement Checkout Dependencies. See README.
  • Add option to symlink deps into lib/ instead of copying.
  • Fixed bug for file timestamps inside jars.
  • Generated poms should work in Java IDEs.
  • Improved Cygwin support.
  • Added file for introductory concepts.

1.1.0 / 2010-02-16

  • Added "lein upgrade" task
  • Don't download snapshot releases unless actually needed.
  • Make subclassloader's classpath available to projects.
  • Fixed "install" task to place pom in local repository.
  • Bug fixes to "new" task.
  • Only AOT-compile namespaces specified in project.clj.
  • Better error handling.
  • Add exclusions support for dependencies.
  • Support dependencies with native code.
  • Added experimental Windows support.

1.0.1 / 2009-12-10

  • Added bash completion.
  • Honor $JAVA_OPTS.
  • Fix new task.
  • Add version task.
  • Use jline for repl task.
  • Fix pom task for Java 1.5 compatibility.

1.0.0 / 2009-12-05

  • Source, test, and compilation paths can be set in project.clj.
  • Project code runs in an isolated classloader; can now compile/test projects that require a different version of Clojure from Leiningen. (Does not support 1.0's test-is yet.)
  • Install task no longer requires maven to be installed.
  • Only compile namespaces whose .class files are older than .clj files.
  • Add "new" task for generating blank projects.
  • Set tag when generating pom.xml.
  • Include pom.xml,, and more detailed manifest in jars.
  • Summarize pass/fail counts from test runs across all namespaces.
  • Accept a list of namespaces for test task rather than testing all.
  • Create $PROJECT-standalone.jar file from uberjar to distinguish from regular jar files.
  • Plugins have more flexibility to set the classpath and other arguments for running project code.
  • Add resources/ directory to classpath and generated jars.
  • Start Leiningen faster by using -Xbootclasspath argument.

0.5.0 / 2009-11-17

  • Initial release!
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