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(ns leiningen.test.test
(:refer-clojure :exclude [test])
(:use [clojure.test]
[leiningen.test.helper :only [tmp-dir sample-no-aot-project abort-msg]])
(:require [ :as io]))
(use-fixtures :each
(fn [f]
(.delete ( tmp-dir "lein-test-ran"))))
(defn ran? []
(let [ran-file (io/file tmp-dir "lein-test-ran")]
(and (.exists ran-file)
(set (for [ran (.split (slurp ran-file) "\n")]
(read-string ran))))))
(deftest test-project-selectors
(is (= [:default :integration :int2 :no-custom]
(keys (:test-selectors sample-no-aot-project))))
(is (every? ifn? (map eval (vals (:test-selectors sample-no-aot-project))))))
(deftest test-default-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project ":default")
(is (= (ran?) #{:regular :int2 :not-custom})))
(deftest test-no-args-defaults-to-default-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project)
(is (= (ran?) #{:regular :int2 :not-custom})))
(deftest test-basic-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project ":integration")
(is (= (ran?) #{:integration :integration-ns})))
(deftest test-complex-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project ":no-custom")
(is (= (ran?) #{:integration :integration-ns :regular :int2})))
(deftest test-two-selectors
(test sample-no-aot-project ":integration" ":int2")
(is (= (ran?) #{:integration :integration-ns :int2})))
(deftest test-override-namespace-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project ":int2")
(is (= (ran?) #{:integration-ns :int2})))
(deftest test-only-selector
(test sample-no-aot-project ":only" "selectors/regular")
(is (= (ran?) #{:regular})))
(deftest test-namespace-argument
(test sample-no-aot-project "selectors")
(is (= (ran?) #{:regular :not-custom :int2})))
(deftest test-invalid-namespace-argument
(is (.contains
test sample-no-aot-project "boom")
" Could not locate")))
(deftest test-file-argument
(let [file (io/file (first (:test-paths sample-no-aot-project)) "selectors.clj")]
(test sample-no-aot-project (.getPath file)))
(is (= (ran?) #{:regular :not-custom :int2})))
(def called? (atom false))
(defmethod clojure.test/report :begin-test-ns [_]
(reset! called? true))
(deftest test-report-call-through
(is (true? @called?))
(reset! called? false))
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