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(ns leiningen.test.helper
(:require [leiningen.core.project :as project]
[ :as io]))
;; TODO: fix
(def local-repo (io/file (System/getProperty "user.home") ".m2" "repository"))
(def tmp-dir (System/getProperty ""))
(defn m2-dir [n v]
(io/file local-repo
(if (string? n) n (or (namespace n) (name n))) (name n) v))
(defn- read-test-project [name]
(project/read (format "test_projects/%s/project.clj" name)))
(def sample-project (read-test-project "sample"))
(def sample-failing-project (read-test-project "sample_failing"))
(def sample-no-aot-project (read-test-project "sample_no_aot"))
(def tricky-name-project (read-test-project "tricky-name"))
(def native-project (read-test-project "native"))
(def overlapped-sourcepaths-project (read-test-project "overlapped-sourcepaths"))
;; grumble, grumble; why didn't this make it into
(defn delete-file-recursively
"Delete file f. If it's a directory, recursively delete all its contents.
Raise an exception if any deletion fails unless silently is true."
[f & [silently]]
(System/gc) ; This sometimes helps release files for deletion on windows.
(let [f (io/file f)]
(if (.isDirectory f)
(doseq [child (.listFiles f)]
(delete-file-recursively child silently)))
(io/delete-file f silently)))
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