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(ns leiningen.core
(:use [leiningen.util.ns :only [namespaces-matching]]
[clojure.walk :only [walk]]
[robert.hooke :only [add-hook]]
[ :only [file]])
(:require [leiningen.util.paths :as paths])
(:import ( File)
(org.apache.maven.artifact.versioning DefaultArtifactVersion)))
(def ^{:dynamic true} *interactive?* false)
(defmacro defdeprecated [old new]
`(let [new# ~(str (.getName (:ns (meta (resolve new)))) "/" (name new))
warn# (delay (println "Warning:" '~old "is deprecated; use" new#))]
(defn ~(vary-meta old assoc :doc (format "Compatibility alias for %s" new))
[& args#]
(force warn#)
(apply ~(resolve new) args#))))
(defdeprecated home-dir paths/leiningen-home)
(defdeprecated ns->path paths/ns->path)
(defdeprecated normalize-path paths/normalize-path)
(defn no-dev?
"Should the dev dependencies and directories be ignored?
Warning: alpha; subject to change."
(System/getenv "LEIN_NO_DEV"))
(defn user-init
"Load the user's ~/.lein/init.clj file, if present."
(let [init-file (File. (paths/leiningen-home) "init.clj")]
(when (.exists init-file)
(try (load-file (.getAbsolutePath init-file))
(catch Exception e
(.printStackTrace e))))))
(defn user-settings
"Look up the settings map from init.clj or an empty map if it doesn't exist."
(if-let [settings-var (resolve 'user/settings)]
;;; defproject
(def ^{:private true} project nil)
(defn- unquote-project [args]
(walk (fn [item]
(cond (and (seq? item) (= `unquote (first item))) (second item)
;; needed if we want fn literals to be usable by eval-in-project
(or (seq? item) (symbol? item)) (list 'quote item)
:else (unquote-project item)))
(defmacro defproject [project-name version & args]
;; This is necessary since we must allow defproject to be eval'd in
;; any namespace due to load-file; we can't just create a var with
;; def or we would not have access to it once load-file returned.
`(let [m# (apply hash-map ~(cons 'list (unquote-project args)))
root# ~(.getParent (File. *file*))
normalize-path# (partial ~paths/normalize-path root#)]
(alter-var-root #'project
(fn [_#] (assoc m#
:name ~(name project-name)
:group ~(or (namespace project-name)
(name project-name))
:version ~version
:dependencies (or (:dependencies m#)
(:deps m#))
:dev-dependencies (or (:dev-dependencies m#)
(:dev-deps m#))
:checksum-deps (:checksum-deps m# true)
:compile-path (normalize-path#
(or (:compile-path m#) "classes"))
:source-path (normalize-path#
(or (:source-path m#) "src"))
:library-path (normalize-path#
(or (:library-path m#) "lib"))
:test-path (normalize-path#
(or (:test-path m#) "test"))
:resources-path (normalize-path#
(or (:resources-path m#)
(normalize-path# (or (:dev-resources-path m#)
(:test-resources-path m#)
;; TODO: remove in 2.0
(normalize-path# (or (:dev-resources-path m#)
(:test-resources-path m#)
:native-path (normalize-path#
(:native-path m# "native"))
:target-dir (normalize-path#
(or (:target-dir m#) (:jar-dir m#)
;; TODO: remove in 2.0
:jar-dir (normalize-path#
(or (:target-dir m#) (:jar-dir m#)
:jar-exclusions (:jar-exclusions m# [#"^\."])
:uberjar-exclusions (:uberjar-exclusions
:root root#)))
(when (:test-resources-path m#)
(println (str "WARNING: :test-resources-path is deprecated; use "
(when (:jar-dir m#)
(println (str "WARNING: :jar-dir is deprecated; use "
(defn read-project
(try (binding [*ns* (the-ns 'leiningen.core)]
(load-file file))
(catch _)))
([] (read-project "project.clj")))
(def default-repos {"central" {:url ""
:snapshots false}
;; TODO: possibly separate releases/snapshots in 2.0.
"clojars" {:url ""}})
;; you can't remove or omit "central", you can only disable it;
;; maven/maven-ant-tasks adds it implicitly, and will continue to
;; report it in the list of checked repositories, even though it's
;; not been consulted. The URL will hopefully be clear enough to users.
(def disabled-central-repo {"central" {:url "http://disabled-central"
:snapshots false
:releases false}})
(defn- init-settings [id settings]
(cond (string? settings) {:url settings}
;; infer snapshots/release policy from repository id
(= "releases" id) (merge {:snapshots false} settings)
(= "snapshots" id) (merge {:releases false} settings)
:else settings))
(defn repositories-for
"Returns an ordered map of repositories including or excluding defaults.
By default bases results on contents of :repositories. If another key
is specified via a :kind kwarg, that key will be used to query the
project. e.g. (repositories-for project :kind :deploy-repositories)
will return an ordered map of repositories intended solely for deployment
Note: transforming this map via assoc, merge, or similar removes the
order guarantee."
[project & {:keys [kind] :or {kind :repositories}}]
(let [project-repos (for [[id settings] (kind project)]
[id (init-settings id settings)])
user-deploy-repos (when (= kind :deploy-repositories)
(into [] (:deploy-repositories (user-settings))))
all-repos (concat
(into []
(if (:omit-default-repositories project)
(apply array-map (mapcat identity all-repos))))
(defn exit
"Call System/exit. Defined as a function so that rebinding is possible."
(System/exit code))
([] (exit 0)))
(defn abort
"Print msg to standard err and exit with a value of 1."
[& msg]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(apply println msg)
(exit 1)))
;;; Task execution
(def ^{:dynamic true} *current-task* nil)
(def aliases (atom {"--help" "help" "-h" "help" "-?" "help" "-v" "version"
"--version" "version" "überjar" "uberjar" "cp" "classpath"
"int" "interactive"}))
(defn task-not-found [& _]
(abort "That's not a task. Use \"lein help\" to list all tasks."))
(defn resolve-task
([task not-found]
(let [task-ns (symbol (str "leiningen." task))
task (symbol task)]
(when-not (find-ns task-ns)
(require task-ns))
(or (ns-resolve task-ns task)
(catch e
([task] (resolve-task task #'task-not-found)))
(defn- hook-namespaces [project]
(sort (concat (or (:hooks project)
(and (:implicit-hooks project)
(namespaces-matching "leiningen.hooks")))
(:hooks (user-settings)))))
(defn- load-hooks [project]
(doseq [n (hook-namespaces project)]
(try (require n)
(catch Exception e
(when-not (empty? (.list (File. "lib")))
(println "Warning: problem requiring" n "hook:" (.getMessage e))
(when (System/getenv "DEBUG")
(.printStackTrace e)))))))
(defn arglists [task-name]
(:arglists (meta (resolve-task task-name))))
(defn- project-needed? [parameters]
(if (vector? parameters)
(= 'project (first parameters))
(every? project-needed? parameters)))
(defn- project-accepted? [parameters]
(and (first parameters)
(re-find #"^project($|-or-)" (name (first parameters)))))
(defn- arg-count [parameters project]
(if (and project (project-accepted? parameters))
(dec (count parameters))
(count parameters)))
(defn matching-arity? [task-name project args]
(some (fn [parameters]
(and (if (= '& (last (butlast parameters)))
(>= (count args) (- (arg-count parameters project) 2))
(= (arg-count parameters project) (count args)))
(or project (not (project-needed? parameters)))
;; use project.clj if possible
(reverse (sort-by count (arglists task-name)))))
(defn apply-task [task-name project args not-found]
(let [task (resolve-task task-name not-found)]
(if-let [parameters (matching-arity? task-name project args)]
(binding [*current-task* task-name]
(if (project-accepted? parameters)
(apply task project args)
(apply task args)))
(let [args (arglists task-name)]
(if (and (not project) (project-needed? args))
(abort "Couldn't find project.clj, which is needed for" task-name)
(abort "Wrong number of arguments to" task-name "task."
"\nExpected" args))))))
(defn prepend-tasks
"Add a hook to target-var to run tasks-to-add, which must be tasks
taking a project argument and nothing else."
[target-var & tasks-to-add]
(add-hook target-var (fn [target project & args]
(doseq [t tasks-to-add]
(t project))
(apply target project args))))
(def arg-separator ",")
(defn- append-to-group [groups arg]
(update-in groups [(dec (count groups))] conj arg))
(defn make-groups
(reduce make-groups [[]] args))
;; This could be a separate defn, but I can't think of a good name for it...
([groups arg]
(if (.endsWith arg arg-separator)
(-> groups
(append-to-group (apply str (butlast arg)))
(conj []))
(append-to-group groups arg))))
(defn version-greater-eq?
"Check if v1 is greater than or equal to v2, where args are version strings.
Takes major, minor and incremental versions into account."
[v1 v2]
(>= (.compareTo (DefaultArtifactVersion. v1)
(DefaultArtifactVersion. v2))
(defn verify-min-version
(when-not (version-greater-eq? (System/getenv "LEIN_VERSION")
(:min-lein-version project))
(println (str "\n*** Warning: This project requires Leiningen version "
(:min-lein-version project)
" ***"
"\n*** Using version " (System/getenv "LEIN_VERSION")
" could cause problems. ***\n"
"\n- Get the latest verison of Leiningen at\n"
"- Or by executing \"lein upgrade\"\n\n"))))
(defn -main
([task-name & args]
(let [task-name (or (@aliases task-name) task-name "help")
project (if (.exists (File. "project.clj")) (read-project))
compile-path (:compile-path project)]
(when (:min-lein-version project)
(verify-min-version project))
(when compile-path (.mkdirs (File. compile-path)))
(binding [*compile-path* compile-path]
(when project
(load-hooks project))
(apply-task task-name project args task-not-found))))
(doseq [[task & args] (make-groups *command-line-args*)
:let [result (apply -main (or task "help") args)]]
(when (and (number? result) (pos? result))
(exit result)))
(exit 0)))
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