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(ns leiningen.core.main
(:require [leiningen.core.user :as user]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]
[leiningen.core.classpath :as classpath]
[leiningen.core.utils :as utils]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[clojure.stacktrace :as stacktrace]
[bultitude.core :as b]
[cemerick.pomegranate.aether :as aether]))
(def aliases {"-h" "help", "-help" "help", "--help" "help", "-?" "help",
"-v" "version", "-version" "version", "--version" "version",
"überjar" "uberjar",
"-o" ["with-profile" "+offline"]
"-U" ["with-profile" "+update"]
"cp" "classpath" "halp" "help"
"with-profiles" "with-profile"
"readme" ["help" "readme"]
"tutorial" ["help" "tutorial"]
"sample" ["help" "sample"]})
;; without a delay this loads profiles at the top-level which can
;; result in exceptions thrown outside of a nice catching context.
(def ^:private profile-aliases
"User profile aliases, used only when Lein is not within a project."
(delay (atom (-> (user/profiles) :user :aliases))))
(defn- get-and-dissoc!
"Returns a value associated with a key in a hash map contained in an atom,
removing it if it exists."
[atom key]
(when-let [[k v] (find @atom key)]
(swap! atom dissoc key)
(defn- merge-alias-meta [task-vector task-name]
(merge (select-keys (meta task-vector) [:pass-through-help])
(meta task-name)))
(defn lookup-alias
"Recursively look up aliases until the task is not an alias anymore. If
task-name is a vector, calls lookup-alias on the first argument and returns a
partially applied task. Discards already used aliases."
[task-name project & [not-found]]
(if (vector? task-name)
(let [[t & args] task-name ;; never mind the poor naming here.
resolved-task (lookup-alias t project not-found)
task-vector (if (vector? resolved-task)
merged-meta (merge-alias-meta task-vector task-name)]
(-> task-vector
(into args)
(with-meta merged-meta)))
(let [project-wo-alias (update-in project [:aliases] dissoc task-name)
resolved-task (or (aliases task-name)
(get (:aliases project) task-name)
(when-not project
(get-and-dissoc! @profile-aliases task-name)))]
(cond (nil? resolved-task) (or task-name not-found "help")
(= task-name resolved-task) task-name
:else (recur resolved-task project-wo-alias not-found)))))
(defn- lookup-task-var
"Require and resolve a leiningen task from its name."
(or (utils/require-resolve (str "leiningen.plugin" task-name) task-name)
(utils/require-resolve (str "leiningen." task-name) task-name)))
(declare remove-alias)
(defn- pass-through-help? [task-name project]
(let [de-aliased (lookup-alias task-name project)]
(if (vector? de-aliased)
(or (:pass-through-help (meta de-aliased))
(pass-through-help? (first de-aliased)
(remove-alias project task-name)))
(:pass-through-help (meta (lookup-task-var de-aliased))))))
(defn task-args [[task-name & args] project]
(let [pass-through? (pass-through-help? task-name project)]
(if (and (= "help" (aliases (first args))) (not pass-through?))
["help" (cons task-name (rest args))]
[(lookup-alias task-name project) (vec args)])))
(defn option-arg [str]
(and str (cond (.startsWith str "--") (keyword str)
(.startsWith str ":") (keyword (subs str 1)))))
(defn parse-options
"Given a sequence of strings, return a map of command-line-esque
options with keyword-ized keys and a list of additional args:
(parse-options [\"--chicken\"])
=> [{:--chicken true} []]
(parse-options [\"--beef\" \"rare\"])
=> [{:--beef \"rare\"} []]
(parse-options [\":fish\" \"salmon\"])
=> [{:fish \"salmon\"} []]
(parse-options [\"salmon\" \"trout\"])
=> [{} [\"salmon\" \"trout\"]]
(parse-options [\"--to-dir\" \"test2\" \"--ham\"])
=> [{:--ham true, :--to-dir \"test2\"} []]
(parse-options [\"--to-dir\" \"test2\" \"--ham\" \"--\" \"pate\"])
=> [{:--ham true, :--to-dir \"test2\"} [\"pate\"]]"
(loop [m {}
[first-arg second-arg & rest :as args] options]
(if-let [option (and (not= "--" first-arg) (option-arg first-arg))]
(if (or (not second-arg) (option-arg second-arg))
(recur (assoc m option true) (if second-arg
(cons second-arg rest)
(recur (assoc m option second-arg) rest))
[m (if (= "--" first-arg)
(if second-arg (cons second-arg rest) [])
(or args []))])))
;; TODO for 3.0.0: debug, info and exit should be in a separate namespace
;; (io.clj?) to avoid cyclic deps.
(def ^:dynamic *debug* (System/getenv "DEBUG"))
(defn debug
"Print if *debug* (from DEBUG environment variable) is truthy."
[& args]
(when *debug* (apply println args)))
(def ^:dynamic *info* (not (System/getenv "LEIN_SILENT")))
(defn info
"Print if *info* (from LEIN_SILENT environment variable) is truthy."
[& args]
(when *info* (apply println args)))
(defn warn
"Print to stderr if *info* is truthy."
[& args]
(when *info*
(binding [*out* *err*]
(apply println args))))
(def ^:dynamic *exit-process?*
"Bind to false to suppress process termination." true)
(defn exit
"Exit the process. Rebind *exit-process?* in order to suppress actual process
exits for tools which may want to continue operating. Never call
System/exit directly in Leiningen's own process."
([exit-code & msg]
(if *exit-process?*
(do (shutdown-agents)
(System/exit exit-code))
(throw (ex-info (if (seq msg)
(apply print-str msg)
"Suppressed exit")
{:exit-code exit-code :suppress-msg (empty? msg)}))))
([] (exit 0)))
(defn abort
"Print msg to standard err and exit with a value of 1.
Will not directly exit under some circumstances; see *exit-process?*."
[& msg]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(when (seq msg)
(apply println msg))
(apply exit 1 msg)))
(defn- next-dist-row [s t x pprev prev]
(let [t-len (count t)
eq-chars (fn [x y] (= (nth s x) (nth t (dec y))))]
(reduce (fn [row y]
(let [min-step
(min (inc (peek row)) ;; addition cost
(inc (get prev y)) ;; deletion cost
(cond-> (get prev (dec y)) ;; substitution cost
(not (eq-chars x y)) inc))
(and (pos? x) (pos? (dec y)) ;; check for transposition
(eq-chars x (dec y))
(eq-chars (dec x) y)
(not (eq-chars x y)))
(min (inc (get pprev (- y 2)))))] ;; transposition cost
(conj row min-step)))
[(inc x)]
(range 1 (inc t-len)))))
(defn- distance
"Returns the Damerau–Levenshtein distance between two strings."
[s t]
(let [s-len (count s)
t-len (count t)
first-row (vec (range (inc t-len)))
matrix (reduce (fn [matrix x]
(conj matrix
(next-dist-row s t x
(peek (pop matrix))
(peek matrix))))
[[] first-row]
(range s-len))]
(peek (peek matrix))))
;; workaround for #2345; need to update this list if a new task is added
(def ^:private stock-tasks
'[leiningen.change leiningen.check leiningen.classpath leiningen.clean
leiningen.compile leiningen.deploy leiningen.deps leiningen.install leiningen.jar leiningen.javac
leiningen.plugin leiningen.pom leiningen.release leiningen.repl
leiningen.test leiningen.trampoline leiningen.uberjar leiningen.update-in
leiningen.upgrade leiningen.vcs leiningen.version leiningen.with-profile])
(defn tasks
"Return a list of symbols naming all visible tasks."
(->> (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix "leiningen")
(into stock-tasks)
(filter #(re-find #"^leiningen\.(?!core|main|util)[^\.]+$" (name %)))
(defn suggestions
"Suggest possible misspellings for task from list of tasks."
[task tasks]
(let [suggestions (into {} (for [t tasks
:let [n (.replaceAll (name t)
"leiningen." "")]]
[n (distance n task)]))
min (apply min (vals suggestions))]
(if (<= min 3)
(map first (filter #(= min (second %)) suggestions)))))
(defn ^:no-project-needed task-not-found [task & _]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println (str "'" task "' is not a task. See 'lein help'."))
(when-let [suggestions (suggestions task (tasks))]
(println "Did you mean this?")
(doseq [suggestion suggestions]
(println " " suggestion))))
(throw (ex-info "Task not found" {:exit-code 1 :suppress-msg true})))
(defn ^:no-project-needed function-not-found [task & _]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println (str "leiningen." task
" is a Clojure namespace, but not a Leiningen task.")))
(throw (ex-info "Task not found" {:exit-code 1 :suppress-msg true})))
(defn- drop-partial-args
"Returns a function that returns a new list of arglist, where the
args provided have been taken into consideration. All arglists
should start with the project argument.
A special case where the arglist is on the form [& ...] will be passed through
without being transformed."
(let [argcount (count pargs)]
(fn [arglists]
(for [[project-arg & arglist] arglists
:let [[fixed-args varargs] (split-with #(not= '& %) arglist)
new-fixed-args (drop argcount fixed-args)]]
(if (= project-arg '&) ;; TODO: Clarify and remove this for 3.0.0
(cons project-arg arglist)
(cons project-arg (concat new-fixed-args varargs)))))))
(defn- splice-into-args
"Alias vectors may include :project/key entries.
These get replaced with the corresponding values from the project map."
[project args]
(into [] (for [arg args]
(if (and (keyword? arg) (= (namespace arg) "project"))
(project (keyword (name arg)))
(defn- partial-task [task-var pargs]
(fn [project & args]
(apply task-var project (splice-into-args project (concat pargs args))))
(update-in (meta task-var) [:arglists] (drop-partial-args pargs))))
(defn resolve-task
"Look up task function and perform partial application if applicable."
([task not-found]
(let [[task & pargs] (if (coll? task) task [task])]
(if-let [task-var (lookup-task-var task)]
(partial-task task-var pargs)
(not-found task))))
(resolve-task task (if (find-ns (symbol (str "leiningen." task)))
(defn ^:internal matching-arity? [task args]
(some (fn [parameters]
(and (if (= '& (last (butlast parameters)))
(>= (count args) (- (count parameters) 3))
(= (count parameters) (inc (count args))))
(:arglists (meta task))))
(defn- remove-alias
"Removes an alias from the specified project and its metadata (which lies
within :without-profiles) to avoid recursive alias calls."
[project alias]
(-> project
(update-in [:aliases] #(if (map? %) (dissoc % alias) %))
(vary-meta update-in [:without-profiles :aliases] dissoc alias)
(vary-meta update-in [:profiles]
(keys %)
(map (fn [p] (if (map? p) (remove-alias p alias) p))
(vals %))))))
(defn apply-task
"Resolve task-name to a function and apply project and args if arity matches."
[task-name project args]
(let [[task-alias] (for [[k v] (:aliases project) :when (= v task-name)] k)
project (and project (remove-alias project (or task-alias task-name)))
task (resolve-task task-name)]
(when-not (or (:root project) (:no-project-needed (meta task)))
(abort "Couldn't find project.clj, which is needed for" task-name))
(when-not (matching-arity? task args)
(abort "Wrong number of arguments to" task-name "task."
"\nExpected" (string/join " or " (map (comp vec next)
(meta task))))))
(debug "Applying task" task-name "to" args)
(apply task project args)))
(defn resolve-and-apply
"Entry point for tasks run other tasks as if they were called from the CLI."
[project args]
(let [[task-name args] (task-args args project)]
(apply-task task-name project args)))
(defn leiningen-version []
(or (System/getenv "LEIN_VERSION")
(with-open [reader (-> "META-INF/maven/leiningen/leiningen/"
(-> (doto (java.util.Properties.)
(.load reader))
(.getProperty "version")))))
(def ^:private exact-version-error
"This project has :exact-lein-version set to \"%s\", while you have %s.")
(defn versions-match? [v1 v2]
(let [v1 (string/trim (first (string/split v1 #"-" 2)))
v2 (string/trim (first (string/split v2 #"-" 2)))]
(= v1 v2)))
(defn- verify-exact-version
[{:keys [exact-lein-version]}]
(when-not (versions-match? exact-lein-version (leiningen-version))
(abort (format exact-version-error
(defn version-satisfies? [v1 v2]
(let [v1 (map #(Integer. %) (re-seq #"\d+" (first (string/split v1 #"-" 2))))
v2 (map #(Integer. %) (re-seq #"\d+" (first (string/split v2 #"-" 2))))]
(loop [versions (map vector v1 v2)
[seg1 seg2] (first versions)]
(cond (empty? versions) true
(= seg1 seg2) (recur (rest versions) (first (rest versions)))
(> seg1 seg2) true
(< seg1 seg2) false))))
;; packagers should replace this string!
(def ^:private min-version-warning
"*** Warning: This project requires Leiningen %s, but you have %s ***
Get the latest version of Leiningen at or by executing
\"lein upgrade\".")
(defn- verify-min-version
[{:keys [min-lein-version]}]
(when-not (version-satisfies? (leiningen-version) min-lein-version)
(info (format min-version-warning min-lein-version (leiningen-version)))))
(defn user-agent []
(format "Leiningen/%s (Java %s; %s %s; %s)"
(leiningen-version) (System/getProperty "")
(System/getProperty "") (System/getProperty "os.version")
(System/getProperty "os.arch")))
(defn- configure-http
"Set Java system properties controlling HTTP request behavior."
(System/setProperty "aether.connector.userAgent" (user-agent))
(when-let [{:keys [host port non-proxy-hosts]} (classpath/get-proxy-settings)]
(System/setProperty "http.proxyHost" host)
(System/setProperty "http.proxyPort" (str port))
(when non-proxy-hosts
(System/setProperty "http.nonProxyHosts" non-proxy-hosts)))
(when-let [{:keys [host port]} (classpath/get-proxy-settings "https_proxy")]
(System/setProperty "https.proxyHost" host)
(System/setProperty "https.proxyPort" (str port))))
(def ^:dynamic *cwd* (System/getProperty "user.dir"))
(defn default-project
"Return the default project used when not in a project directory."
(-> (project/make {:eval-in :leiningen :prep-tasks []
:source-paths ^:replace []
:resource-paths ^:replace []
:test-paths ^:replace []})
(defn- insecure-http-abort [& _]
(let [repo (promise)]
(reify org.apache.maven.wagon.Wagon
(getRepository [this])
(setTimeout [this _])
(setInteractive [this _])
(addTransferListener [this _])
(^void connect [this
^org.apache.maven.wagon.repository.Repository the-repo
^org.apache.maven.wagon.authentication.AuthenticationInfo _
^org.apache.maven.wagon.proxy.ProxyInfoProvider _]
(deliver repo the-repo) nil)
(get [this resource _]
(abort "Tried to use insecure HTTP repository without TLS:\n"
(str (.getId @repo) ": " (.getUrl @repo) "\n " resource) "\n"
"\nThis is almost certainly a mistake; for details see"
(defn -main
"Command-line entry point."
[& raw-args]
(aether/register-wagon-factory! "http" insecure-http-abort)
(let [project (if (.exists (io/file *cwd* "project.clj"))
(project/read (str (io/file *cwd* "project.clj")))
(when (:exact-lein-version project) (verify-exact-version project))
(when (:min-lein-version project) (verify-min-version project))
(resolve-and-apply project raw-args))
(catch Exception e
(if (or *debug* (not (:exit-code (ex-data e))))
(stacktrace/print-cause-trace e)
(when-not (:suppress-msg (ex-data e))
(println (.getMessage e))))
(exit (:exit-code (ex-data e) 1))))
(exit 0))