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(ns leiningen.jar
"Package up all the project's files into a jar file."
(:require [leiningen.pom :as pom]
[leiningen.clean :as clean]
[leiningen.compile :as compile]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]
[leiningen.core.eval :as eval]
[leiningen.core.main :as main]
[leiningen.core.utils :as utils]
[bultitude.core :as b]
[clojure.set :as set]
[clojure.string :as string]
[ :as io])
(:import (java.util.jar Manifest JarEntry JarOutputStream)
( BufferedOutputStream FileOutputStream
(def ^:deprecated whitelist-keys
"Deprecated: use leiningen.core.project/whitelist-keys instead"
(defn- unix-path [path]
(.replace path "\\" "/"))
(defn- default-manifest [project]
{"Created-By" (str "Leiningen " (main/leiningen-version))
"Built-By" (System/getProperty "")
"Build-Jdk" (System/getProperty "java.version")
"Leiningen-Project-ArtifactId" (:name project)
"Leiningen-Project-GroupId" (:group project)
"Leiningen-Project-Version" (:version project)})
(declare ^:private manifest-entry)
(defn- manifest-entries [project manifest-seq]
(map (partial manifest-entry project) manifest-seq))
(defn- manifest-entry [project [k v]]
(cond (symbol? v) (manifest-entry project [k (resolve v)])
(fn? v) (manifest-entry project [k (v project)])
(coll? v) (->> v ;; Sub-manifest = manifest section
(manifest-entries project)
(cons (str "\nName: " (name k) "\n"))
:else (->> (str (name k) ": " v)
(partition-all 70) ;; Manifest spec says lines <= 72 chars
(map (partial apply str))
(string/join "\n ") ;; Manifest spec says join with "\n "
(format "%s\n"))))
(defn- place-sections-last
"Places sections at the end of the manifest seq, as specified by the
Manifest spec. Retains ordering otherwise (if mf is ordered)."
(sort-by val (fn [v1 v2]
(and (not (coll? v1)) (coll? v2)))
(seq mf)))
(defn ^:internal make-manifest [project]
(let [project-manifest (into {} (:manifest project))
default-manifest' (cond-> (default-manifest project)
;; Add default "Main-Class" only if :main is not
;; explicitly set to nil
(:main project :not-found)
(assoc "Main-Class"
(munge (str (:main project 'clojure.main)))))]
(->> (merge default-manifest' project-manifest)
;; manifest's "Main-Class" always overrides default "Main-Class"
(manifest-entries project)
(cons "Manifest-Version: 1.0\n") ;; Manifest-Version line must be first
(string/join "")
(defn ^:internal manifest-map [manifest]
(let [attrs (.getMainAttributes manifest)]
(zipmap (map str (keys attrs)) (vals attrs))))
(defn- added-file?
"Returns true if the file is already added to the jar, false otherwise. Prints
a warning if the file is not a directory."
[file relative-path added-paths]
;; Path may be blank if it is the root path
(if (or (string/blank? relative-path) (added-paths relative-path))
(when-not (.isDirectory file)
(main/info "Warning: skipped duplicate file:" relative-path))
(defn- skip-file?
"Skips the file if it doesn't exist. If the file is not the
root-file (specified by :path), will also skip it if it is a dotfile, emacs
backup file or matches an exclusion pattern."
[file relative-path root-file exclusion-patterns inclusion-patterns]
(or (not (.exists file))
(not= file root-file)
(not (some #(re-find % relative-path) inclusion-patterns))
(re-find #"^\.?#" (.getName file))
(re-find #"~$" (.getName file))
(some #(re-find % relative-path) exclusion-patterns)))))
(defmulti ^:private copy-to-jar (fn [project jar-os acc spec] (:type spec)))
(defn- relativize-path
"Relativizes a path: Removes the root-path of a path if not already removed."
[path root-path]
(if (.startsWith path root-path)
(.substring path (.length root-path))
(defn- full-path ;; Q: is this a good name for this action?
"Appends the path string with a '/' if the file is a directory."
[file path]
(if (.isDirectory file)
(str path "/")
(defn- dir-string
"Returns the file's directory as a string, or the string representation of the
file itself if it is a directory."
(if-not (.isDirectory file)
(str (.getParent file) "/")
(str file "/")))
(defn- put-jar-entry!
"Adds a jar entry to the Jar output stream."
[jar-os file path]
(.putNextEntry jar-os (doto (JarEntry. path)
(.setTime (.lastModified file))))
(when-not (.isDirectory file)
(io/copy file jar-os)))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :path [project jar-os acc spec]
(let [root-file (io/file (:path spec))
root-dir-path (unix-path (dir-string root-file))
paths (for [child (file-seq root-file)
:let [path (relativize-path
(full-path child (unix-path (str child)))
(when-not (or (skip-file? child path root-file
(:jar-exclusions project)
(:jar-inclusions project))
(added-file? child path acc))
(put-jar-entry! jar-os child path)
(into acc paths)))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :paths [project jar-os acc spec]
(reduce (partial copy-to-jar project jar-os) acc
(for [path (:paths spec)]
{:type :path :path path})))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :bytes [project jar-os acc spec]
(let [path (unix-path (:path spec))]
(when-not (some #(re-find % path) (:jar-exclusions project))
(.putNextEntry jar-os (JarEntry. path))
(let [bytes (if (string? (:bytes spec))
(.getBytes (:bytes spec))
(:bytes spec))]
(io/copy (ByteArrayInputStream. bytes) jar-os)))
(conj acc path)))
(defmethod copy-to-jar :fn [project jar-os acc spec]
(let [f (eval (:fn spec))
dynamic-spec (f project)]
(copy-to-jar project jar-os acc dynamic-spec)))
(defn write-jar [project out-file filespecs]
(with-open [jar-os (-> out-file
(JarOutputStream. (make-manifest project)))]
(let [jar-paths (reduce (partial copy-to-jar project jar-os)
(if (:main project)
(let [main-path (str (-> (string/replace (:main project) "." "/")
(string/replace "-" "_"))
(when-not (some #{main-path} jar-paths)
(main/info "Warning: The Main-Class specified does not exist"
"within the jar. It may not be executable as expected."
"A gen-class directive may be missing in the namespace"
"which contains the main method, or the namespace has not"
"been AOT-compiled."))))
;; TODO: change in 3.0; this is hideous
(defn- filespecs [project]
(let [root-files (.list (io/file (:root project)))
readmes (filter (partial re-find #"^(?i)readme") root-files)
licenses (filter (partial re-find #"^(?i)license") root-files)
scope (partial format "META-INF/leiningen/%s/%s/%s"
(:group project) (:name project))]
(concat [{:type :bytes
:path (format "META-INF/maven/%s/%s/pom.xml"
(:group project) (:name project))
:bytes (.getBytes (pom/make-pom project))}
{:type :bytes :path (scope "project.clj")
:bytes (.getBytes (slurp (str (:root project) "/project.clj")))}]
(for [doc (map (partial io/file (:root project))
(concat readmes licenses))
:when (.isFile doc)]
{:type :bytes :path (scope (.getName doc))
:bytes (.getBytes (slurp doc))})
[{:type :path :path (:compile-path project)}
{:type :paths :paths (:resource-paths project)}]
(if-not (:omit-source project)
[{:type :paths
:paths (set (concat (:source-paths project)
(:java-source-paths project)))}])
(:filespecs project))))
;; Split out backwards-compatibility. Collapse into get-jar-filename for 3.0
(defn get-classified-jar-filename [project classifier]
(let [target (doto (io/file (:target-path project)) utils/mkdirs)
suffix (if classifier (str "-" (name classifier) ".jar") ".jar")
name-kw (if (= classifier :standalone) :uberjar-name :jar-name)
jar-name (or (project name-kw) (str (:name project) "-%s" suffix))
jar-name (format jar-name (:version project))]
(str (io/file target jar-name))))
(defn- compile-main? [{:keys [main source-paths] :as project}]
(and main (not (:skip-aot (meta main)))
(some #(or (.exists (io/file % (b/path-for main "clj")))
(.exists (io/file % (b/path-for main "cljc")))) source-paths)))
(def ^:private implicit-aot-warning
(main/info "Warning: specified :main without including it in :aot."
"\nImplicit AOT of :main will be removed in Leiningen 3.0.0."
"\nIf you only need AOT for your uberjar, consider adding"
":aot :all into your\n:uberjar profile instead.")))
(defn warn-implicit-aot [orig-project]
(let [project (project/merge-profiles orig-project [:uberjar])]
(when (and (:main project) (not (:skip-aot (meta (:main project))))
(not= :all (:aot project))
(not= [:all] (:aot project))
(not (some #{(:main project)} (:aot project)))
(not (some #(re-matches % (str (:main project)))
(filter compile/regex? (:aot project)))))
(force implicit-aot-warning))))
;; TODO: remove for 3.0
(defn- add-main [project given-main]
(warn-implicit-aot project)
(let [project (if given-main
(assoc project :main (symbol given-main))
(if (and (compile-main? project)
(not= :all (:aot project))
(not= [:all] (:aot project))
(not (some #(= % (:main project)) (:aot project))))
(update-in project [:aot] conj (:main project))
(defn- process-project
"Like update-in, but for preparing projects for (uber)jaring. f is a function
that will take the old project and any supplied args and return the new
project, but with whitelisted keys retained and with the main argument
inserted if provided."
[project main f & args]
(-> (apply f project args)
(project/retain-whitelisted-keys project)
(add-main main)))
(defn- preprocess-project [project & [main]]
(process-project project main project/unmerge-profiles
(project/non-leaky-profiles project)))
(defn- get-jar-filename*
[project uberjar?]
(get-classified-jar-filename project (when uberjar? :standalone)))
(defn get-jar-filename [project & [uberjar?]]
(get-jar-filename* (preprocess-project project) uberjar?))
(defn build-jar
"Build a jar for the given project and jar-file."
[project jar-file]
(eval/prep project)
(write-jar project jar-file (filespecs project))
(main/info "Created" (str jar-file))
(defn main-jar
[project provided-profiles main]
(let [project (process-project project main project/merge-profiles
{[:extension "jar"] (build-jar project (get-jar-filename* project nil))}))
(defn classifier-jar
"Package up all the project's classified files into a jar file.
Create a $PROJECT-$VERSION-$CLASSIFIER.jar file containing project's source
files as well as .class files if applicable. The classifier is looked up in the
project`s :classifiers map. If it's a map, it's merged like a profile. If it's a
keyword, it's looked up in :profiles before being merged."
[{:keys [target-path] :as project} provided-profiles classifier spec]
(when (:dependencies spec)
"WARNING: Classifier specifies :dependencies which will be ignored."))
(let [profiles (concat provided-profiles [::target ::classifier])
target-profile {:target-path
(.getPath (io/file target-path (name classifier)))}
project (-> project
(vary-meta assoc-in [:profiles ::classifier] spec)
(vary-meta assoc-in [:profiles ::target] target-profile)
(process-project nil project/merge-profiles profiles))]
[[:classifier (name classifier) :extension "jar"]
(build-jar project (get-classified-jar-filename project classifier))]))
(defn classifier-jars
"Package up all the project's classified files into jar files.
Create a $PROJECT-$VERSION-$CLASSIFIER.jar file for each entry in the project's
:classifiers. Returns a map of :classifier/:extension coordinates to files."
[{:keys [classifiers] :as project} provided-profiles]
(into {}
(map #(apply classifier-jar project provided-profiles %) classifiers)))
(defn jar
"Package up all the project's files into a jar file.
Create a $PROJECT-$VERSION.jar file containing project's source files as well
as .class files if applicable. If project.clj contains a :main key, the -main
function in that namespace will be used as the main-class for executable jar.
With an argument, the jar will be built with an alternate main."
([project main]
(utils/with-write-permissions (:root project)
(when (:auto-clean project true)
(clean/clean project))
(let [scoped-profiles (set (project/pom-scope-profiles project :provided))
default-profiles (set (project/expand-profile project :default))
provided-profiles (remove
(set/difference default-profiles scoped-profiles)
(-> project meta :included-profiles))
project (preprocess-project project main)]
(merge (main-jar project provided-profiles main)
(classifier-jars project provided-profiles)))))
([project] (jar project nil)))
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