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(ns leiningen.repl
"Start a repl session either with the current project or standalone."
(:require [clojure.set]
[clojure.string :as s]
[ :as io]
[ :as nrepl.ack]
[ :as nrepl.server]
[leiningen.core.eval :as eval]
[leiningen.core.main :as main]
[leiningen.core.utils :as utils]
[leiningen.core.user :as user]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]
[leiningen.core.classpath :as classpath]
[leiningen.trampoline :as trampoline]
[reply.main :as reply]))
(defn- repl-port-file-vector
"Returns the repl port file for this project as a vector."
(if-let [root (:root project)]
[root ".nrepl-port"]
[(user/leiningen-home) "repl-port"]))
(defn- repl-port-file-path
"Returns the repl port file path for this project."
(.getPath (apply io/file (repl-port-file-vector project))))
(defn lookup-opt [opt-key opts]
(second (drop-while #(not= % opt-key) opts)))
(defn opt-host [opts]
(lookup-opt ":host" opts))
(defn opt-port [opts]
(if-let [port (lookup-opt ":port" opts)]
(Integer/valueOf port)))
(defn ack-port [project]
(if-let [p (or (user/getenv "LEIN_REPL_ACK_PORT")
(-> project :repl-options :ack-port))]
(Integer/valueOf p)))
(defn repl-port [project]
(Integer/valueOf (or (user/getenv "LEIN_REPL_PORT")
(-> project :repl-options :port)
(defn repl-host [project]
(or (user/getenv "LEIN_REPL_HOST")
(-> project :repl-options :host)
(defn client-repl-port [project]
(let [port (repl-port project)]
(if (= port 0)
(slurp (io/file (:root project) ".nrepl-port"))
(catch Exception _))
(defn ensure-port [s]
(if (re-find #":\d+($|/.*$)" s)
(main/abort "Port is required. See `lein help repl`")))
(defn is-uri? [s]
(boolean (and (string? s) (re-find #"^https?://" s))))
(defn string-from-file [arg]
(if-let [filename-tmp (and (seq arg) (= "@" (subs arg 0 1)) (seq (subs arg 1)))]
(let [filename (apply str filename-tmp)
errmsg (str "The file '" filename "' can't be read.")]
(if-let [content (try (slurp filename)
(catch Exception e
(main/abort errmsg)))]
(s/trim content)
(main/abort errmsg)))
(defn connect-string [project opts]
(let [opt (str (first opts))]
(if-let [sx (string-from-file opt)]
(connect-string project [sx])
(if (is-uri? opt)
(as-> (s/split opt #":") x
(remove s/blank? x)
(-> (drop-last (count x) [(repl-host project) (client-repl-port project)])
(concat x))
(s/join ":" x)
(ensure-port x))))))
(defn options-for-reply [project & {:keys [attach port]}]
(as-> (:repl-options project) opts
(merge {:history-file (->> (if-let [root (:root project)]
[root ".lein-repl-history"]
[(user/leiningen-home) "repl-history"])
(apply io/file)
:input-stream System/in
;; TODO: once reply/#114 is fixed; add (user/help) back in and
;; move other source/javadoc/etc references into longer help.
:welcome (list 'println (slurp (io/resource "repl-welcome")))}
(apply dissoc opts :init (if attach [:host :port]))
(merge opts (cond attach {:attach (str attach)}
port {:port port}
:else {}))
(clojure.set/rename-keys opts {:prompt :custom-prompt
:welcome :custom-help})
(if (:port opts) (update-in opts [:port] str) opts)))
(defn init-ns [{{:keys [init-ns]} :repl-options, :keys [main]}]
(or init-ns main))
(defn- wrap-init-ns [project]
(if-let [init-ns (init-ns project)]
;; set-descriptor! currently nREPL only accepts a var
(fn [h#]
;; this needs to be a var, since it's in the nREPL session
(with-local-vars [init-ns-sentinel# nil]
(fn [{:keys [~'session] :as msg#}]
(when-not (@~'session init-ns-sentinel#)
(swap! ~'session assoc
(var *ns*)
(try (require '~init-ns) (create-ns '~init-ns)
(catch Throwable t# (create-ns '~'user)))
init-ns-sentinel# true))
(h# msg#))))]
(doto wrap-init-ns#
{:requires #{(var}
:expects #{"eval"}})
(alter-var-root (constantly @wrap-init-ns#))))))
(defn- handler-for [{{:keys [nrepl-middleware nrepl-handler]} :repl-options,
:as project}]
(when (and nrepl-middleware nrepl-handler)
(main/abort "Can only use one of" :nrepl-handler "or" :nrepl-middleware))
(let [nrepl-middleware (remove nil? (concat [(wrap-init-ns project)]
(or nrepl-handler
~@(map #(if (symbol? %) (list 'var %) %) nrepl-middleware)))))
(defn- init-requires [{{:keys [nrepl-middleware nrepl-handler caught]}
:repl-options :as project} & nses]
(let [defaults '[ complete.core]
nrepl-syms (->> (cons nrepl-handler nrepl-middleware)
(filter symbol?)
(map namespace)
(remove nil?)
(map symbol))
caught (and caught (namespace caught) [(symbol (namespace caught))])]
(for [n (concat defaults nrepl-syms nses caught)]
(list 'quote n))))
(defn- ignore-sigint-form []
`(when (try (Class/forName "sun.misc.Signal")
(catch ClassNotFoundException e#))
(sun.misc.Signal. "INT")
(proxy [sun.misc.SignalHandler] [] (handle [signal#])))
(catch Throwable e#))))
(defn- server-forms [project cfg ack-port start-msg?]
[`(let [server# (
:bind ~(:host cfg) :port ~(:port cfg)
:ack-port ~ack-port
:handler ~(handler-for project))
port# (:port server#)
repl-port-file# (apply io/file ~(repl-port-file-vector project))
;; TODO 3.0: remove legacy repl port support.
legacy-repl-port# (if (.exists (io/file ~(:target-path project)))
(io/file ~(:target-path project) "repl-port"))]
(when ~start-msg?
(println "nREPL server started on port" port# "on host" ~(:host cfg)
(str "- nrepl://" ~(:host cfg) ":" port#)))
(spit (doto repl-port-file# .deleteOnExit) port#)
(when legacy-repl-port#
(spit (doto legacy-repl-port# .deleteOnExit) port#))
;; TODO: remove in favour of :injections in the :repl profile
`(do ~(when-let [init-ns (init-ns project)]
`(try (doto '~init-ns require in-ns)
(catch Exception e# (println e#) (ns ~init-ns))))
~@(for [n (init-requires project)]
`(try (require ~n)
(catch Throwable t#
(println "Error loading" (str ~n ":")
(or (.getMessage t#) (type t#))))))
~(-> project :repl-options :init))])
(def trampoline-profile
'[^:displace [reply "0.3.5"
:exclusions [org.clojure/clojure ring/ring-core]]]})
(defn- trampoline-repl [project port]
(let [init-option (get-in project [:repl-options :init])
init-code `(do
~(if-let [ns# (init-ns project)] `(in-ns '~ns#))
options (-> (options-for-reply project :port port)
(assoc :custom-eval init-code)
(dissoc :input-stream))
profile (:leiningen/trampoline-repl (:profiles project)
(project/merge-profiles project [profile])
`(do (reply.main/launch '~options) (System/exit 0))
`(do (try (require '~(init-ns project)) (catch Exception t#))
(require ~@(init-requires project 'reply.main))))))
(def ack-server
"The server which handles ack replies."
(delay (nrepl.server/start-server
:bind (repl-host nil)
:handler (nrepl.ack/handle-ack nrepl.server/unknown-op))))
(defn nrepl-dependency? [{:keys [dependencies]}]
(some (fn [[d]] (re-find #"tools.nrepl" (str d))) dependencies))
;; NB: This function cannot happen in parallel (or be recursive) because of race
;; conditions in nrepl.ack.
(defn server [project cfg headless?]
(when-not (nrepl-dependency? project)
(main/info "Warning: no nREPL dependency detected.")
(main/info "Be sure to include org.clojure/tools.nrepl in :dependencies"
"of your profile."))
(let [prep-blocker @eval/prep-blocker
ack-port (:port @ack-server)]
(-> (bound-fn []
(binding [eval/*pump-in* false]
(let [[evals requires]
(server-forms project cfg ack-port headless?)]
(eval/eval-in-project project
`(do ~(ignore-sigint-form) ~evals)
(Thread.) (.start))
(when project @prep-blocker)
(when headless? @(promise))
(if-let [repl-port (nrepl.ack/wait-for-ack
(get-in project [:repl-options :timeout] 60000))]
(do (main/info "nREPL server started on port"
repl-port "on host" (:host cfg)
(str "- nrepl://" (:host cfg) ":" repl-port))
(main/abort "REPL server launch timed out."))))
(defn client [project attach]
(when (is-uri? attach)
(require 'cemerick.drawbridge.client))
(reply/launch-nrepl (options-for-reply project :attach attach)))
(defn ^:no-project-needed repl
"Start a repl session either with the current project or standalone.
<none> -> :start
:start [:host host] [:port port]
This will launch an nREPL server and connect a client to it.
If the :host key is given, LEIN_REPL_HOST is set, or :host is present
under :repl-options, that host will be attached to, defaulting to
localhost otherwise, which will block remote connections. If the :port
key is given, LEIN_REPL_PORT is set, or :port is present under
:repl-options in the project map, that port will be used for
the server, otherwise it is chosen randomly. When starting outside
of a project, the nREPL server will run internally to Leiningen.
:headless [:host host] [:port port]
This will launch an nREPL server and wait, rather than connecting
a client to it.
:connect [dest]
Connects to an already running nREPL server. Dest can be:
- an HTTP(S) URL -- connects to an HTTP(S) nREPL endpoint;
- host:port -- connects to the specified host and port;
- port -- resolves host from the LEIN_REPL_HOST environment
variable or :repl-options, in that order, and defaults to
If no dest is given, resolves the host resolved as described above
and the port from LEIN_REPL_PORT, :repl-options, or .nrepl-port in
the project root, in that order.
Note: the :repl profile is implicitly activated for this task. It cannot be
deactivated, but it can be overridden."
([project] (repl project ":start"))
([project subcommand & opts]
(let [project (project/merge-profiles
(project/profiles-with-matching-meta project :repl))]
(if (= subcommand ":connect")
(client project (doto (connect-string project opts)
(->> (main/info "Connecting to nREPL at"))))
(let [cfg {:host (or (opt-host opts) (repl-host project))
:port (or (opt-port opts) (repl-port project))}]
(utils/with-write-permissions (repl-port-file-path project)
(case subcommand
":start" (if trampoline/*trampoline?*
(trampoline-repl project (:port cfg))
(->> (server project cfg false) (client project)))
":headless" (apply eval/eval-in-project project
(server-forms project cfg (ack-port project)
(main/abort (str "Unknown subcommand " subcommand)))))))))
;; A note on testing the repl task: it has a number of modes of operation
;; which need to be tested individually:
;; * :start (normal operation)
;; * :headless (server-only)
;; * :connect (client-only)
;; These three modes should really each be tested in each of these contexts:
;; * :eval-in :subprocess (default)
;; * :eval-in :trampoline
;; * :eval-in :leiningen (:connect prolly doesn't need separate testing here)
;; Visualizing a 3x3 graph with checkboxes is an exercise left to the reader.
;; Possibly worth testing in TERM=dumb (no completion) as well as a regular
;; terminal, but that doesn't need to happen separately for each
;; subcommand. This is more about testing reply than the repl task itself.
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