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"Run a -main function with optional command-line arguments."
(:require [leiningen.core.eval :as eval]
[leiningen.core.main :as main])
(:import ( FileNotFoundException)
(clojure.lang Reflector)))
(defn- normalize-main [given]
(when-not (or (symbol? given)
(and (string? given) (symbol? (read-string given))))
(main/abort (str "Option -m requires a valid namespace argument, not "
given ".")))
(if (namespace (symbol given))
(symbol given)
(symbol (name given) "-main")))
(defn- prep-arg
"Prepares an argument with the given preparation method."
[prep-method arg]
(case prep-method
:stringify (if (string? arg) arg
(pr-str arg)) ;; print-dup/print-meta seems overkill
:quote (list 'quote arg)
(throw (ex-info "Unknown preparation method"
{:prep-method prep-method}))))
;; TODO: get rid of this in 3.0
(defn run-form
"Construct a form to run the given main defn or class with arguments."
[given args]
`(binding [*command-line-args* '~args]
;; Some complicated error-handling logic here to support main
;; being either a namespace or a class.
;; The use case that prompted this complexity is that if we
;; have a namespace such as:
;; (ns foo.main
;; (:require does.not.exist))
;; and we do a `lein run -m foo.main`, we will get a
;; FileNotFoundException, but NOT because foo.main doesn't
;; exist. So we want to make sure that error propogates
;; up in the event that the class doesn't exist as well.
;; But we still have to try the class first because it's
;; not easy to distinguish the above case from the case
;; when foo.main is a class and not a namespace at all.
;; This would be a lot simpler if we weren't trying to
;; transparently support both namespaces and classes specified in
;; the same way.
;; Try to require the namespace and run the appropriate var,
;; noting what happened.
(let [[ns-flag# data#]
(try (require '~(symbol (namespace
(normalize-main given))))
(let [v# (resolve '~(normalize-main given))]
(if (ifn? v#)
[:var v#]
(catch FileNotFoundException e#
[:threw e#]))
;; If we didn't succeed above, check if a class exists for
;; the given name
^Class class#
(when-not (= :var ns-flag#)
(try (Class/forName ~(name given))
(catch ClassNotFoundException _#)))]
(= :var ns-flag#)
(data# ~@args)
;; If the class exists, run its main method.
class# "main" (into-array [(into-array String '~args)]))
;; If the symbol didn't resolve, give a reasonable message
(= :not-found ns-flag#)
(throw (Exception. ~(str "Cannot find anything to run for: " (name given))))
;; If we got an exception earlier and nothing else worked,
;; rethrow that.
(= :threw ns-flag#)
(do (binding [*out* *err*]
(println (str "Can't find '" '~given "' as .class or .clj for "
"lein run: please check the spelling.")))
(throw data#))))))
(defn- parse-args
"Parses the arguments passed in to run, and returns a map with the results. If
an argument is given more than once, it is assumed to be an argument to the
main function."
([args] (parse-args args {}))
([[f & rest-args :as args] cur-args]
(if-not (seq args)
(merge {:arg-conversion :stringify
:args args} cur-args)
(cond (= "--" f)
(merge {:arg-conversion :stringify
:args rest-args}
(and (or (= "-m" f)
(= ":main" f))
(not (contains? cur-args :main)))
(if (first rest-args)
(->> (assoc cur-args :main (first rest-args))
(parse-args (rest rest-args)))
(main/abort "Option -m requires a namespace argument."))
(and (= "--quote-args" f)
(not (contains? cur-args :arg-conversion)))
(->> (assoc cur-args :arg-conversion :quote)
(parse-args rest-args))
(merge {:arg-conversion :stringify
:args args}
(defn- run-main
"Loads the project namespaces as well as all its dependencies and then calls
ns/f, passing it the args."
[project given prep-type args]
;; must convert lazy-seq to list(issue #2091)
;; eval can't handle well a form that contains an evaluated empty lazy-seq
(let [prepped-args (apply list (map #(prep-arg prep-type %) args))]
(try (eval/eval-in-project project (run-form given prepped-args))
(catch clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo e
(main/exit (:exit-code (ex-data e) 1))))))
(defn ^{:help-arglists '([]) :no-project-needed true} run
"Run the project's -main function.
USAGE: lein run [--] [ARGS...]
Calls the -main function in the namespace specified as :main in project.clj.
You may use -- to escape the first argument in case it begins with `-' or `:'.
If your main function is not called \"-main\", you may use a namespaced symbol
like clojure.main/main.
Calls the main function in the specified namespace. You may have to use -- to
escape the first argument in case it begins with `-' or `:'.
The `--quote-args' flag quotes the arguments passed in, instead of converting
them to strings. Useful if you want to pass in :project/key entries that might
be/contain lists.
See also \"lein help trampoline\" for a way to save memory using this task."
[project & raw-args]
(let [arg-map (parse-args raw-args)]
(if (and (not (:main arg-map))
(not (:main project)))
(main/abort "No :main namespace specified in project.clj.")
(run-main project (or (:main arg-map) (:main project))
(:arg-conversion arg-map) (:args arg-map)))))