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Add -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow to default JVM opts.

Addresses #1025.
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technomancy committed Mar 21, 2014
1 parent 6cdc043 commit 110e2a14e96ae88fad486365962106fac3eedd8d
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  1. +2 −1 leiningen-core/src/leiningen/core/project.clj
@@ -415,7 +415,8 @@
;; compilation, so if they've done that we should do the same for project JVMs
(def tiered-jvm-opts
(if (.contains (or (System/getenv "LEIN_JVM_OPTS") "") "Tiered")
["-XX:+TieredCompilation" "-XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1"] []))
["-XX:+TieredCompilation" "-XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1"
"-XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow"] []))
(def default-profiles
"Profiles get merged into the project map. The :dev, :provided, and :user

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