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# Leiningen News -- history of user-visible changes
-## 2.0.0-preview9 / ???
+## 2.0.0-preview9 / 2012-08-24
+* Use :provided profile by default everywhere except uberjar. (Marshall Vandegrift)
+* Unify format for auto-loading middleware and hooks. (Justin Balthrop)
+* Allow more declarative :nrepl-middleware settings. (Chas Emerick)
+* Fix :eval-in :classloader for native dependencies. (Justin Balthrop)
+* Support project and user leinrc file for shell-level customization. (Justin Balthrop)
* Cache trampoline commands for fast boot. Set $LEIN_FAST_TRAMPOLINE to enable.
* Support setting HTTPS proxies.
* Improved resilience when self-install is interrupted. (Bruce Adams)
@@ -143,15 +143,15 @@ mailing list and mailing a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
You don't need to "build" Leiningen per se, but when you're using a
checkout you will need to get its dependencies in place.
-For the master branch, use Leiningen 1.x to run `lein install` in the
-`leiningen-core` subproject directory. When the dependencies change
-you will also have to do `rm .lein-classpath` in the project root.
+For the master branch, use an existing Leiningen version to run `lein
+install` in the `leiningen-core` subproject directory. When the
+dependencies change you will also have to do `rm .lein-classpath` in
+the project root. It's not yet possible to bootstrap a development
+version of Leiningen without having an older version installed.
Once you've done that, symlink `bin/lein` to somewhere on your
-`$PATH`, usually as `lein2` in order to keep it distinct from your
-existing installation.
-If you want to develop on the 1.x branch, this should be unnecessary.
+`$PATH`. Usually you'll want to rename your existing installation to
+keep them from interfering.
## License

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