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Enough is enough.

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1 parent 85b84bc commit 39732d5b649dedb70b14e88fe561dfc9ddb31611 @technomancy committed Apr 27, 2010
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@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@ Neither group-id nor artifact-id may contain slashes."
(defn new
([project-name project-dir]
+ (when (re-find #"(?<!clo)jure" project-name)
+ (throw (IllegalArgumentException. "*jure names are no longer allowed.")))
(let [project-name (symbol project-name)
group-id (namespace project-name)
artifact-id (name project-name)]

24 comments on commit 39732d5


I cannot approve of this change strongly enough.

bmabey commented on 39732d5 Apr 27, 2010


gstamp commented on 39732d5 Apr 27, 2010

I guess the new name leininjure is out then.

mtodd commented on 39732d5 Apr 27, 2010



Thank goodness for that.


That's fantastic. I guess I won't be calling my next project "Erajure", then.
"Capjure the Flagjure"?

This is cenjureship.

jwr commented on 39732d5 Apr 27, 2010

Thank heavens and technomancy!

jduey commented on 39732d5 Apr 27, 2010



I approve. Now if you can also discourage names that have no descriptive relationship to the project, we'll be making progress.

ghoseb commented on 39732d5 Apr 28, 2010

But why?


Nice touch, so one problem as mentioned above what is if someone want's to write clj-bonjour as a bonjour (this apple network stuff) api in clojure? You need to adjust your regexp no not match that!


It's a great change, but I had to laugh at Licenser's comment. I'm guilty as charged:
A name involving 'zeroconf' would be better anyway...


Well, that and Bonjour doesn't end 'jure' :)


that just proves why my French teacher gave me a E+ :P

oslash commented on 39732d5 May 11, 2010


rplevy commented on 39732d5 Aug 9, 2010

I think scriptjure is a pretty great name.


Well, scriptjure had already been created when this commit was made. This commit doesn't ban the use of jure names, it only prevents new ones from being created.

rosejn commented on 39732d5 Dec 12, 2013

Yes, when in doubt employ censorship! How about a funny message, but don't deny people.


@rosejn that's basically how it works these days; this commit is very old. It aborts, but it tells you how to override it.


I'd say I've never seen this error message, but I don't want to perjure myself.

rosejn commented on 39732d5 Dec 12, 2013

Ahh, @technomancy my bad. I saw a link to the commit and should have checked the timestamp before commenting.


@rosejn, that's exactly how Leiningen has worked for the last 1.5 years (if not more). Whenever you attempt to use *jure names, the following message appears:

Sorry, names such as clojure or *jure are not allowed. 
If you intend to use this name ironically, please set the 
LEIN_IRONIC_JURE environment variable and try again.

Edit: late to the party apparently.


cool story bro


I have no idea why this cropped up in my notifications, but on re-reading this, I have to say, this was pretty good:

I'd say I've never seen this error message, but I don't want to perjure myself.


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