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Mention mvn invocation output in lein deps for non-hosted dependencies.

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@@ -117,9 +117,12 @@ file for a detailed listing of configuration options.
"org.clojars.$USERNAME" in order to avoid conflicts and to allow the
original authors to claim it in the future once they get around to
uploading. Alternatively you can do a one-off install into your
- local repository in ~/.m2 with Maven for Java libs or <tt>lein
- install</tt> for Clojure libs, but this is cumbersome to coordinate
- across a team.
+ local repository in ~/.m2 with Maven. Add a dependency to
+ project.clj that doesn't exist in any remote repository and run
+ <tt>lein deps</tt>, and the output will include the <tt>mvn</tt>
+ invocation to do this. It's _much_ better to get the dependency in a
+ remote repository for repeatability reasons though. For teams
+ working on private projects [Hudson]( works well.
**Q:** How do I write my own tasks?
**A:** If it's a task that may be useful to more than just your

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