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Add environment variables reference to the bottom of sample.project.clj.

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1 parent cc9ba86 commit 5d40f19ceccdadd61c21ebdfd180d1ee5caacf00 @technomancy committed Jul 26, 2012
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16 sample.project.clj
@@ -231,7 +231,17 @@
;; Extensions here will be propagated to the pom but not used by Leiningen.
:extensions [[org.apache.maven.wagon/wagon-webdav "1.0-beta-2"]
[foo/bar-baz "1.0"]]
- ;; If :scm is set, all key/value pairs appear exactly as configured, otherwise
- ;; Leiningen will try to use information from a .git directory if it is present.
- ;; The only purpose is the generation of the <scm> tag in pom.xml.
+ ;; Include <scm> tag in generated pom.xml file. All key/value pairs
+ ;; appear exactly as configured. If absent, Leiningen will try to
+ ;; use information from a .git directory.
:scm {:name "git" :tag "098afd745bcd" :url ""})
+;;; Environment Variables used by Leiningen
+;; JAVA_CMD - executable to use for java(1)
+;; JVM_OPTS - extra options to pass to the java command
+;; DEBUG - increased verbosity
+;; LEIN_SNAPSHOTS_IN_RELEASE - allow releases to depend on snapshots
+;; LEIN_REPL_PORT - port on which to start nREPL server
+;; http_proxy - host and port to proxy HTTP connections through
+;; http_no_proxy - hosts which may be accessed without proxying

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