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Clarifying project-specific plugins in doc
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@@ -80,6 +80,27 @@ Often more complicated tasks get divided up into subtasks. Placing
`:subtasks` metadata on a task defn which contains a vector of subtask
vars will allow `lein help $TASK_CONTAINING_SUBTASKS` to list them.
+### Project-specific Tasks
+Occasionally, the need arises for a task specific to a project, so
+that, for example, `lein foo` is available from within that project's
+repo without a `lein install` or dependency download. To enable this
+behavior, place the `foo.clj` file defining the new task in
+`tasks/leiningen/` and add `tasks` to your `.lein-classpath`:
+$ ls project.clj src tasks test
+$ ls -R tasks
+$ echo -ne ":tasks" | cat >> .lein-classpath
+$ lein foo
+Hello, Foo!
## Code Evaluation
Plugin functions run inside Leiningen's process, so they have access

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