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+.TH LEININGEN 1 "2011 June 30"
+lein \- Build Clojure projects
+.B lein
+[\fITASK\fR [\fIARGS\fR] [\fI, TASK2\fR [\fIARGS\fR] ...\fR]\fR]
+Leiningen is a build tool for Clojure designed to not set your hair on fire.
+Building Clojure projects with tools designed for Java can be an
+exercise in frustration. With Leiningen, you describe your build with
+.B lein help
+will show the complete list of tasks, while
+.B lein help TASK
+shows usage for a specific one.
+.B lein help tutorial
+has a detailed walk-through of the various tasks, but the most
+commonly-used are:
+\fBlein new NAME\fR
+generate a new project skeleton
+\fBlein test [TESTS]\fR
+run the tests in the TESTS namespaces, or all tests
+\fBlein repl\fR
+launch an interactive REPL session and socket server
+\fBlein jar\fR
+package up the whole project as a .jar file
+\fBlein install [NAME VERSION]\fR
+install a project
+Leiningen reads its configuration from the
+.B project.clj
+file in your project root. Either use
+.B lein new
+to create a fresh project from which to work, or see the exhaustive
+list of configuration options with
+.B lein help sample.
+You can also have user-level configuration that applies for all
+projects. The
+.B ~/.lein/init.clj
+file will be loaded every time
+Leiningen launches; any arbitrary code may go there. This code is
+executed inside Leiningen itself, not in your project. Set the
+.B :repl-init
+key in project.clj to point to a namespace if you want code executed
+inside your project.
+You can also manage user-level plugins with the plugin task; see
+.B lein help plugin
+Check to see if your
+problem is a known issue. If not, please open a new issue on that site
+or join the mailing list at
+ Please include the output of
+.B lein version
+as well as your
+.B project.clj
+file and as much of the relevant code from your project as possible.
+.if t \(co
+.if n (C)
+2009-2011 Phil Hagelberg and contributors.
+Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure
+uses. See the file /usr/share/doc/leiningen/copyright.
+This manpage is written by Phil Hagelberg <>

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