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Mention :test-selectors in sample.project.clj.

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commit ab0b885aaba0b5e8ff07675c2f3aa638033fb21d 1 parent c444d4e
@technomancy authored
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4 sample.project.clj
@@ -47,6 +47,10 @@
;; Load these namespaces on startup to pick up hooks from
;; them. Hooks are generally included in plugins.
:hooks [leiningen.hooks.difftest]
+ ;; Predicates to determine whether to run a test or not. See tutorial.
+ :test-selectors {:default (fn [t] (not (or (:integration v) (:regression v))))
+ :integration :integration
+ :regression :regression}
;; Set this to true to search the classpath for hooks. Will load all
;; namespaces matching leiningen.hooks.*. Warning: this will cause
;; Leiningen to start slowly, especially with many dependencies.
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