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Fix hooks example; that was ridiculous.

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@technomancy authored
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@@ -82,13 +82,19 @@ etc. The add-hook function takes a var of the task it's meant to apply
to and a function to perform the wrapping:
-(use 'robert.hooke)
-(defn skip-integration-hook [task & args]
- (binding [clojure.test/test-var (test-var-skip :integration)]
- (apply task args)))
-(add-hook #'leiningen.test/test skip-integration-hook)
+(ns leiningen.hooks.integration
+ (:require [robert.hooke]
+ [leiningen.test]))
+(defn add-test-var-println [f & args]
+ `(binding [~'clojure.test/assert-expr
+ (fn [msg# form#]
+ (println "Asserting" form#)
+ ((.getRawRoot #'clojure.test/assert-expr) msg# form#))]
+ ~(apply f args)))
+(robert.hooke/add-hook #'leiningen.test/form-for-testing-namespaces
+ add-test-var-println)
Hooks compose, so be aware that your hook may be running inside
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