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Merge pull request #817 from wlabelle/git-file-fix

Fixed problem with building a project when .git is a file
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2 parents 14112e2 + b1cf355 commit c35451ab6bcc9afdd43c412d52b1eece0d9b633e Michael Klishin committed Oct 11, 2012
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  1. +9 −2 src/leiningen/pom.clj
@@ -20,6 +20,13 @@
;; git scm
+(defn- resolve-git-dir [git-dir]
+ (let [git-dir-file (io/file git-dir)]
+ (cond
+ (.isDirectory git-dir-file) git-dir-file
+ (.isFile git-dir-file) (io/file (second (re-find #"gitdir: (\S+)" (slurp (str git-dir-file)))))
+ :else git-dir)))
(defn- read-git-ref
"Reads the commit SHA1 for a git ref path."
[git-dir ref-path]
@@ -103,7 +110,7 @@
Retains backwards compatibility without an :scm map."
(= "auto" scm)
- (make-git-scm (io/file (:root project) ".git"))
+ (make-git-scm (resolve-git-dir (io/file (:root project) ".git")))
(xml-tags :scm (xmlify (select-keys (:scm project)
[:url :connection
:tag :developerConnection])))))
@@ -328,7 +335,7 @@
(.setProperty "version" (:version project))
(.setProperty "groupId" (:group project))
(.setProperty "artifactId" (:name project)))
- git-head (io/file (:root project) ".git")]
+ git-head (resolve-git-dir (io/file (:root project) ".git"))]
(when (.exists git-head)
(.setProperty properties "revision" (read-git-head git-head)))
(.store properties baos "Leiningen"))

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