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update sample project file with extension example

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1 parent 86d1ddd commit efe703f33925cc224544e8f900e07d36868e95cc @mpenet mpenet committed Jan 17, 2012
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@@ -189,7 +189,12 @@
;; It may cause some other plugins to fail to exit when they finish.
:skip-shutdown-agents true
;; Set parent for working with in a multi-module maven project
- :parent [org.example/parent "0.0.1" :relative-path "../parent/pom.xml"])
+ :parent [org.example/parent "0.0.1" :relative-path "../parent/pom.xml"]
+ ;; You can add extensions to the build process (such as add an ftp
+ ;; provider for the Wagon transport mechanism), as well as make
+ ;; plugins active which make changes to the build lifecycle.
+ :extensions [[org.apache.maven.wagon/wagon-webdav "1.0-beta-2"]
+ [foo/bar-baz "1.0"]])
;; You can use Robert Hooke to modify behaviour of any task function,
;; but the prepend-tasks function is shorthand that is more convenient

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