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Commits on Aug 25, 2012
  1. Release 2.0.0-preview9.

Commits on Aug 24, 2012
  1. news updates.

  2. Merge pull request #746 from llasram/provided-profile

    Document :provided profile
  3. @llasram

    Document :provided profile.

    llasram authored
  4. @llasram
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @ninjudd
  2. @llasram
  3. @ninjudd
  4. @ninjudd
  5. @ninjudd

    Fix #742, explicit middleware load error

    ninjudd authored
    Don't call set-profiles from leiningen.core.project/read because it
    calls load-middleware, and we want to wait to do that for the first time
    in init-project. To solve this, I added init-profiles which is called by
    both read and set-profiles.
    Also clean up init-project and move code duplicated in set-profiles into
    activate-middleware. We now always load hooks and certificates when
    activating middleware, and load-certificates is actually called twice in
    the course of init-project. To make sure load-certificates is
    idempotent, we memoized leiningen.core.ssl/register-scheme.
  6. @ninjudd

    add breaking test for #742

    ninjudd authored
  7. @llasram
  8. @ninjudd
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. @ninjudd
  2. @ninjudd

    unify :hooks and :middleware format in project.clj

    ninjudd authored
    Both now expect a full var, though hooks will fall back to activate in
    the provided namespace for compatibility.
    Also, use the following convention for plugin auto hooks and middleware:
    - Assuming your plugin is called lein-config
    - Put hooks you want auto-loaded in lein-config.plugin/hooks
    - Put middleware you want auto-applied in lein-config.plugin/middleware
  3. Rename with-profiles to reset-profiles.

    with-profiles is too close to the task name, especially considering
    the with-profile task is aliased to with-profiles.
  4. @cemerick

    * upgrade to nREPL 0.2.0-beta9

    cemerick authored
    * :nrepl-* configuration moved under :repl-options
    * :nrepl-middleware now takes advantage of descriptors in middleware metadata
  5. Fix out-of-project repls.

  6. @ninjudd
  7. @ninjudd

    fix unmerge-profiles to work with composite profiles

    ninjudd authored
    Previously, you could not unmerge composite profiles. So, if the
    currently active profiles were [:default], which is a composite of
    [:dev :user :base], then (unmerge-profiles project :dev) would do
    nothing. To fix this, we have to keep track of both :included-profiles
    and :excluded-profiles.
    I also combined apply-profiles and reset-profiles into a single function
    called reset-profiles with an optional excluded-profiles argument and
    renamed apply-profiles-raw to apply-profiles.
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. Don't try to merge profiles without an active project.

    We should simply use the user profile directly rather than trying to
    merge it in.
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