`lein run` gives a confusing error message for bad :require clauses #1182

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gfredericks commented May 22, 2013

If you have :main foo.my-main-ns in the project.clj and:

(ns foo.my-main-ns
  (:require [foo.doesn't-exist]))

(defn -main [])

Then lein run gives:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: foo.my-main-ns

Phil told me this is due to a FileNotFoundException falling back to running java classes, and that this is a feature he'd be happy to let go.

Hoping to patch this myself but wanted to get an issue on record in case I totally forget.


gfredericks commented May 23, 2013

Just posted #1183. Not sure how to tie these two together.


hyPiRion commented May 23, 2013

One can create an issue, create a commit which fixes the problem, and write e.g. "closes #1182" in a commit message. Though there's no need, one can close them manually as well.

hyPiRion closed this May 23, 2013

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