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Project templates include modified EPL v1.0 #1446

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I am not a lawyer.

In the last paragraph of the COPYING file, "New York" has been replaced with "Washington". Each project template from lein new creates a that claims to license the project under EPLv1.0 or later. However, the license included is the modified Leiningen version. Either the included license should be the standard "New York" variant, or it should be disclosed to the lein new caller that the license file the user is distributing with the new project isn't precisely the EPL, but a modified version, and that there may therefore be some question as to which choice-of-law clause actually holds for their project.


Yeah, this was a mistake--I assumed that Rich had selected the choice of law state because he is a New York resident and the license dictates New York, but this is not the case. I've consulted with some folks, and the faux-EPL license inadvertently created here is invalid; we need to switch to the real EPL, (by replacing Washington with New York in the choice of law clause) as should any other project that is distributed with a copy of the modified license.

I'll post a follow-up on the mailing list with more details soon.


I've posted about this on the Leiningen mailing list, but I'll leave this open until we have identified and contacte projects using the modified license.


@technomancy, should we open issues for those projects affected by this?


@hyPiRion yes, but I'd like to do so in a systematic way; preferrably by spidering the clojars repo to identify affected projects and building a list from there. It would be great if we could automate the creation of pull requests too, but we need to look into GitHub's policy on that first.

In the message to the mailing list I've asked for help with the spidering; it would happen faster if we could get someone volunteering I think.


One way to do it is by using the GitHub search mechanisms, e.g., then filter by e.g. looking for project.clj in the root directory. That should probably cover almost all projects on GitHub, but is of course limited to GitHub only.


"We've found 2,135 code results"


@rkneufeld rkneufeld referenced this issue from a commit in clojure-cookbook/clojure-cookbook
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@rkneufeld rkneufeld Fix LICENSE file as per technomancy/leiningen#1446 30d077d

Actually I think the announcement we sent out was enough; I don't think this should be tracked here.

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5dbcfae Redundancies reduced.
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982cf5c Update 6-12_transact-basics.asciidoc
e2460cd Update 6-11_schema.asciidoc
c1399fe Add note about previous recipes to Datomic recipes. Fixes #399
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cd88a40 Update
772acd4 Merge pull request #385 from juangom/patch-1
ce6df9c Update 4-06_delete-file.asciidoc
6907206 Merge pull request #384 from juangom/typo
d0a84ae Fix typo
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93d36af Fix core.typed's name
216f91a Re-allow overriding source-highlight dir
ebc5205 Merge branch 'mmullis-one-bootstrap' into merging-one-bootstrap
52d1436 Simplify packager detection
a1a7f54 Merge pull request #380 from davidrupp/master
6f4460b rename def vars to not shadow core/first, etc.
1851858 Merge pull request #379 from ctford/patch-1
1ec0848 Maps have consistent ordering on keys and values
5a70d10 refactoring to a single
a578685 remove unused wget install
9ebe646 Merge remote-tracking branch 'atlas/master'
cff0057 Re-add squuid example removed during indexing
b70220e Bit.lify new link in sending email recipe
8c77619 Merge pull request #377 from liwp/master
31f5f24 Re-write introduction to to README. Fixes #376
424e3c0 add note about gmail 2-factor auth
7f4394d add license assignment
1c17888 Merge pull request #375 from xpe/use-quot
3ddaf37 use (quot n d) instead of (int (/ n d))
b6ee399 Merge pull request #374 from benjamintanweihao/patch-1
a766430 Minor typo.
b0f4f18 Merge pull request #373 from tfrisk/master
7ae9bfc Fix sort order typo in example code
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756b1f4 off-by-one error in the range output example
f967d59 Bitdeli is no longer valuable
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11f26b9 Correct rendering of index and colophon
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11d0bae Add --no-check-certificate to wget commands
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2ee1880 frontmatter tweaks
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d6ee0f1 adding xsl to change xref style, rebreaking book accordingly
121e614 qc2 edit
dc5bd50 qc2 edits
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2883e24 Add missing code snippet to 10.3
4b49260 qc1 queries
f9b2e2f Fix incorrect reference to
5ab8aad Fix LICENSE file as per technomancy/leiningen#1446
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ad7a539 Fix Eric's name
8ee1213 pagebreaking
778ba57 ch 4 typo fix
38c9e43 qc1 edits rest of book
48ed164 ch 6 edits
f020b12 Merge branch 'master' into atlas-master
b74a7f5 qc edits and url merge
9c22cda Merge branch 'first-edition'
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4404e8a Add Clinton Begin to acknowledgements
77b41d6 additional corrections to assoc index bounds
fc0b715 Merge
b8a1c5d Update 2-10_set-item-at-index.asciidoc
46c4d45 Merge pull request #363 from cbegin/patch-1
cc27e80 Update 2-07_adding-an-item.asciidoc
1f418e9 Link fixes.
363b705 merge
4ad3556 ran script to replace links with author-provided urls
92d608c qc edits ch 3 and ch 4 partial
cf3cfff ch 2 qc edits and ch 1 au edits
e567aa9 Add -destroy impl to daemons recipe
ff4d66e Fix link anchor in timbre logging recipe
83f4910 Merge branch 'master' of
88847da qc edits fm and ch 1
4f7899b Merge branch 'atlas-master'
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60d2588 Update to follow renaming
b79b62f "wget" is not built in on OS X
3748676 Index terms edited for ch01.
8685bab Index terms added to 1.25 to 1.36
47f24d1 Fix commands for daemons recipe
6fec807 Index terms added to 1.13 to 1.24
e6ec513 Correct daemons recipe based on external feedback
5a6ab97 Index terms added to 1.7 through 1.12
c931962 Index terms added to 1.5 and 1.6
904aec4 Delete
9a6b9ad Index terms added to 1.1 through 1.4
711e01f ch00 index terms added
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c0a7b7f Fix typo
cee9528 colophon
1dc2f0a add see-also to 8.10
5b1a424 grammar
27caa9b remove redundant text in 6.6
09ae8b3 finishing copyedits
cd6bd86 copyedits ch 6 thru 9 and some scattered tweaks
d13c9e2 Weekend Update
cc8086c fixing unicode character error
4d27611 copyedits thru ch 5
b71960a And rename includes
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0f4c6ac copyedits intro ch 1
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7cf71f9 fixing filerefs
999de77 file restructuring step 2
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aedbe65 changing includes filerefs
50a961e starting to flatten folder structure where appropriate step 1
ba4e0e3 Add footnote to simplecheck recipe
dbdd028 committing numbered subdirs and files
12c2086 Merge branch 'atlas-master'
31dc1ca Fix more line overflows
e9cebc9 partial copyedit commit
3bd93d8 Merge branch 'atlas-master'
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2a6a0ef code breaks partial (those that KB saw marked in PDF)
d77ae17 Typo in stream processing recipe
e672e71 Few changes from copy-editing
6ec6d74 add book goals to frontmatter
52a837f add acknowledgements for Luke
9f2e10d Style on link from #358, add Hoàng to acknowledgements
f389fcc Merge pull request #358 from myguidingstar/master
d7818c0 Correct incorrect include
8b9e8c4 Relevance is now Cognitect
8e2a4e8 Add acknowledgements
6bcf7f7 add lein-bin to creating-executable-jar
5553c1f add assignment for myguidingstar
1a5e1b9 Flow frontmatter so it is easier to read in editors
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a9250f3 Change cookbook URL back to italics as per conventions
663f76d Organize frontmatter/ a little better
850d81f Update
114bddc Add a bit more description to README
59cf1bb Update
82e6d40 Remove chapters list from CONTRIBUTING
5ef6d8d Update
86c9692 Update
0812aab taking off image width boundaries
deb0ded ce prep and adding figures to book repo
d338663 Adjust for new shell-session type
10d1dad Remove .DS_Store files
1befe74 Restore conventions.asciidoc as a symlink to frontmatter/conventions.asciidoc
278467c Migrate new 'shell' sources to 'shell-session'
d9da534 Merge latest GitHub master -> atlas
6f51bc8 Adding intake report
a198810 Adding intake PDFs
0e96e39 Just adding to make sure
fed7b58 Renamed filerefs to renamed figs
47d2472 Renamed filerefs in asciidoc files to point to renamed figs
d0378bc  just making sure that oneoff was added
baa736b adding tools direc
5dd82ef Updating bookinfo.xml file; Adding colo file; Adding colo include and bookseries to book file; Unless Realtime, adding index markup to book file; Adding tools dir and oneoff boilerplate
5806c1e Adding cover image
8cd4bf7 Conventions changes for stream processing recipe
626d380 Merge pull request #357 from travis/risingtide
acbc4fb Add a link to Rising Tide

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